Who are the models of those sexy underwear

1 Introduction

As a sexy, teasing, mysterious clothing, sexy underwear has been welcomed by many people since its listing.Many people pay attention to not only factors such as styles, colors, fabrics, but also the models and appearances of the model.Therefore, this article will introduce some backgrounds and representative works of sexy underwear models.

2. Adam and Eve

At first we mentioned the symbol of sexy underwear -Adam and Eve.Most of the models of this love underwear brand are beautiful women. They have a graceful figure and plump breasts. Usually wearing fun underwear styles such as lace wrapped breasts and seeing pants.


Victoria’s Secret is the leading brand of the global sexy underwear industry, and its models are known as "angels".Victoria’s Secret’s erotic underwear model has a seductive figure and sweet face. They are in the New York Fashion Week with a sexy and charming image and are loved by people around the world.

4. Shashng

Sasa’s love underwear brand has become the choice of many consumers with its unique design style and cultural background.Sasa, founded by the famous Chinese entrepreneur Xu Jiayin, has a slender figure and elegant temperament, which constitutes the characteristics of enthusiasm and romance, and has been loved by many consumers.

5. Chantelle

French sex lingerie brand Chantelle was founded in 1876. Its sexy underwear style has both sexy, romantic and modern.Its model is wearing a delicate sexy underwear suit, looking back at, revealing gentleness and mystery in his eyes, which is difficult to resist.

6. Bendick

Bendick is a young and dynamic sexy lingerie brand.Its model is perfect and pays special attention to the color matching and fabric of sexy underwear.Bendick has many sexy underwear, sweet and cute, and sexy and charming.

7. Calvin Klein

Calvin Clein’s love lingerie brand was launched in the world as early as 1983. Its public welfare black and white photography style, sexy and simple sexy underwear led the fashion trend at the time.Its model is tall, with deep face lines, and wearing unique, simple and powerful.

8. Lilyna

Lilyna’s sexy underwear is committed to creating sexy, romantic and elegant sexy underwear. Its model is slender, exquisite, and has a noble and mysterious temperament. It is elegant and beautiful.

9. Anas (ANAS)

Anna Su’s love underwear brand provides a super comfortable dressing experience. Its model wears smooth and delicate underwear, showing a sweet and fresh atmosphere, bringing people an unlimited beautiful feeling.

10. Conclusion

There are tens of millions of sexy underwear brands, and the models are endless.Each brand and each model have their unique characteristics and charm, but the models of top brands not only have beautiful figures, beautiful appearance, but also good personal character and professionalism.s reason.Therefore, we must choose a high -quality brand. Under the guidance of professionals, buy a sexy underwear that is suitable for our body and meets our needs.

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