Which province loves to buy sexy underwear


In recent years, with the rise of the adult products market, sexy underwear has also become a fashion item for many women.Different provinces have different degrees of acceptance of sexy underwear.So, which province loves to buy sexy underwear?


As the economic center of South China, Guangdong is also the largest adult products sales market in the country. Therefore, of course, it is one of the provinces that love to buy sexy underwear.In the sexual goods stores in cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the sexy lingerie is rich in style and the price is relatively low, which has attracted a large number of women to buy.


Although Jiangsu is located in the eastern coastal areas, its developed economic level and education level have also attracted many consumers to buy sexy underwear.In Nanjing, Suzhou and other cities, sexy lingerie stores are also very common. Although the price is not as cheaper as Guangdong, the quality and style are first -class.


As the capital of China, the scale of market demand in Beijing cannot be ignored.Most women buying sexy underwear in Beijing are mainly white -collar workers and students.Beijing’s sexy underwear shop is mainly known for its high quality and simple style, and the price is more expensive.


As the core of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Zhejiang has good economic development and market demand, and it is no exception in the sales of sexy underwear.In Hangzhou and other cities, the number of sexy underwear shops is also large, and the brand is relatively diversified.


Although Hunan is not as large as the market size of the above provinces, its consumers’ demand for sexy underwear cannot be underestimated.Especially in Changsha and other cities, with the improvement of young people’s cultural level and liberation of sexual concepts, sexy underwear has gradually become part of the fashion trend.


As one of the provinces with rapid economic development in the western region, Sichuan has become increasingly growing.Judging from the situation of Chengdu and other cities, the price of sexy underwear is relatively cheaper and is favored by consumers.


Although Hebei Province is relatively poor in economy in North China, its consumer market also has a certain scale.Most of the sexy underwear shops in Shijiazhuang and other cities are mainly low -end brands, and their sales cannot be underestimated.


As the economic center of the Northeast, Liaoning, although the scale of market demand is not as good as other provinces, the demand tendencies of their consumer groups also focus on.In Shenyang and other cities, sexy underwear is usually mainly medium and high -end brands, and the price is relatively high.


Fujian is located in the southern coastal areas. Although the consumer market is small compared to other provinces, the development of its sexual products market cannot be ignored.In cities such as Fuzhou, sexy underwear shop brands are relatively diverse and the prices are mild.


As a economic developed province in North China, Shandong’s consumer market is also relatively prosperous.In cities such as Jinan and Qingdao, the sales of sexy underwear are good, the brand is relatively rich, and the price is moderate.

in conclusion:

In general, as a fashion single of modern women, sexy underwear is reflected in the consumer markets of provinces across the country.The size of the consumer market and the needs of consumer groups in different provinces are also different. Consumers can choose to buy sexy underwear according to their own needs and purchase budgets.

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