Which female star loves to wear sexy underwear

Which female star loves to wear sexy underwear

1. Lady Gaga

Fashion pioneer Lady Gaga is keen on sexy underwear. She wearing a nipple underwear in a touring concert is unforgettable.The sexy underwear she chose is often rich in decoration, such as shiny diamonds and complex weaving flowers.

2. Jolin Tsai

As the popularity of Asia, Jolin Tsai likes to wear sexy sexy underwear on the stage.She has a variety of underwear styles, with satin and lace models, and bright colors, usually red or black.

3. The Kardashian family

The sisters of the Kardashian family like to wear a sexy underwear to shoot large and participate in the party.These underwear styles are diverse, including high -waisted beam trousers and long skirts exposed on the back. The styles are novel and bright in color.

4. Demi Loward

Demi Lowito once took a photo of his sexual and erotic underwear on Instagram.It is reported that she is particularly keen on lace and hollow style.The color she often chooses is black and white, which looks very elegant.

5. Meghan Fox

Actress Meghan Fox once shot a set of very sexy underwear blockbusters in the magazine.In these photos, she wore sexy underwear including metal nets and diamonds, showing her sexy and confident.

6. Lily Collins

Lily Collins showed her sexy and charming when she was wearing a sexy underwear shooting magazine.She likes black lace and bow details, and sometimes chooses a dark -colored printed underwear.

7. Miranda Kerr

As a fashion model and actress, Miranda Kerr often wore sexy underwear to participate in various activities and partys.She usually chooses black or white lace underwear and red lip gloss, and the whole person looks very sexy.

8. chain sister

The chain sister is a famous American rock singer, and her music and image are very avant -garde.She is often wearing sexy underwear similar to silver chain, which is very suitable to cooperate with her music and style.

9. Jasmin Toxville

Jasmin Toxville is one of the supermodels of Victoria’s Secret. She often wore a colorful erotic underwear.Her choice includes thin and transparent underwear, lace and velvet style, making her look sexy and confident.

10. Goddess Fan Bingbing

In the Chinese film industry, Fan Bingbing, who is ridiculed by Kanterburi’s stockings, is also a lovers of sexy underwear.From "Red Cliff" to "Storm", her blockbuster always shows a little sexy charm, showing charming, glorious and vitality.

The above is the introduction of which female star loves to wear sexy underwear.Although wearing erotic underwear may not be suitable for everyone, there is no doubt that the courage and self -confidence of these actresses make us admire and admire.

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