Where to pick up the goods for sex underwear cheap

Where to pick up the goods for sex underwear cheap

When buying sexy underwear, many people pay attention to price issues, because the price of sex underwear is much more expensive than ordinary underwear.But how can we save money in terms of price?The following will be introduced to the pickup method of sexy underwear and its impact on the price, so that you can understand where to pick up the goods cheaper.

Perform picking method one: picking up the goods in a physical store

For those who like face -to -face transactions, picking up goods in physical stores is a good choice.When buying sexy underwear, you can make an appointment on the website, then go to the physical store to experience the product, and finally decide whether to buy it.However, it should be noted that when buying sexy underwear in physical stores, the price is often slightly more expensive than the Internet, and it is also limited by regional.

Performing method 2: Make up at the company

Some erotic underwear brand companies will directly provide users with self -service self -service.This method can minimize logistics costs and intermediate costs.However, the time and tolls that need to go back and forth also need to pay attention to cost, and there are not many options, and you can only choose a company that can be lifted.

Make picking method 3: Express to home

Express is one of the most conventional erotic underwear. After the customer places an order online, the product is delivered to the home through the express delivery.The advantages of this method are convenient and fast, especially for customers who need confidentiality.However, it should be noted that the express mail will increase the price, and there may be missing, delay or damage.

Make picking method 4: Supermarket/specialty store purchase

In addition to sexy underwear websites and brand companies, many supermarkets and specialty stores will exhibit in the store after receiving the supply of sexy underwear.Although this method is more fair, the categories and specifications will be much less than the online store, and it will not be particularly good for purchasing and comparative specifications, models and prices.

Make picking method 5: Second -hand sales platform

On the second -hand sales platform, many people will transfer new, unused or tried sexy underwear transfer.Although the price will be lower than the sexy lingerie of the season, there are problems such as hygiene and authenticity in this way. What kind of people and underwear that have not been washed on the body is not easy to wear.


The above are several ways to pick up the cheap underwear. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Users can choose according to their own situation.However, it is particularly recommended to choose a formal, good reputation brand for purchase, because sexy underwear is a private product. Although the price is high, the quality must be guaranteed.

PS: When choosing where to buy sexy underwear, the ratio between the calculation of the postage and the total purchase price can make a better reasonable decision.

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