Where is the sexy underwear safe

1 Introduction

There are many types and styles of sexy underwear. Different materials of underwear should be placed in different places to maintain safety.Storage of sexy underwear at home is often overwhelmed. Isn’t it to make your beautiful underwear become dusty piles?Therefore, you need to understand the safe storage of love underwear to keep the underwear intact.

2. Material underwear storage

Material underwear storage requires placing underwear in a dry and ventilated place. It is recommended to place in the underwear drawer. Do not stack it with humid clothing.In addition, keeping the underwear dry need to pay attention to partition storage, and the material of plush and fiber requires a separate area.This is conducive to maintaining the quality of underwear and extending the use time.

3. Silk underwear storage

The storage method of silk underwear is similar to material underwear, and the clothes should be kept dry and ventilated.The storage of silk underwear should avoid direct sunlight and prevent color change and yellow.It is recommended to use underwear boxes to store it, or package the underwear alone with a transparent plastic bag, which can be visually and dust -proof.

4. Cortical underwear storage

The storage method of leather underwear requires more protection measures, because the leather is vulnerable to damage. It is recommended to store it in shoe boxes or special leather bags.At the same time, the leather underwear should not be sandwiched among other things, and it is easy to leave traces. It is recommended to place it separately, and it is necessary to avoid exposure to prevent the color from fading.

5. Steel ring underwear storage

The storage of steel ring underwear is relatively simple, and there is no need to pay too much attention, but do not hang underwear.It is recommended to stack the underwear in the underwear bag, similar to other underwear materials such as plush fabrics.

6. Filling underwear storage

The storage of filling underwear requires more attention, because the internal fillers are easily flattened and damage the quality of the underwear.It is recommended to use three -dimensional underwear storage bags such as storage boxes and storage huts to store the shape of the internal filling to prevent deformation.

7. Keep humidity

The humidity of the underwear storage area must be maintained appropriately. Excessive humidity will affect the quality, which can cause bacterial growth and cause odor.It is recommended to place desiccants in the storage area, which can effectively maintain ventilation and humidity, and the smell can be fresher.

8. Regularly replace underwear storage positions

After a long period of storage, even if it meets the storage standards of the underwear, underwear may still be affected by moisture, dust and fading.Therefore, it is recommended that you change the storage location of the underwear from time to time to avoid the underwear affected by the old storage position.

9. Regularly clean the underwear storage area

In the area where the underwear is stored, we not only need to categorize different classification storage of underwear, but also regularly clean the area where the underwear stores is cleaned to ensure that the storage environment of the underwear is neat.We can use the deodorant deodorant in the storage area of the underwear to clean up.

10. Conclusion

Before understanding the storage method of different materials underwear, storage of sexy underwear seems to be a task that is easy to be ignored. In fact, we can improve the service life of underwear through reasonable methods.Therefore, you should understand the different materials and storage methods of the underwear to maintain the intact of the underwear and replace the storage location of the underwear in time. The clean storage environment should be paid more attention.

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