Where can I find the models of sexy underwear


For special products such as sexy underwear, 90%of people are more willing to buy such products because of the model of the model.But we also know that recruiting sexy underwear models involves many privacy and other issues, so in this article, we will explore how to find and choose sexy underwear models.

Model company

The most common way to recruit sexy underwear models is through model companies.These companies provide models for various classifications, including sexy underwear.They will post application information on their website, and then accept applications and contact potential candidates.

social media

With the rise of social media, many sexy underwear brands have begun to find models on social media.This not only saves the company’s recruitment and management costs, but also increases the exposure of brands in social media.The brand will release a recruitment information of a model with a large number of followers, and then these fans will submit the proposal arbitrarily.

Talent excavation

Some erotic underwear companies will actively find women with potential performance ability.They will carry out small events nationwide, such as model competitions, to discover these talented women and provide opportunities to realize their wishes.


Interest underwear companies can also choose to find intermediaries to find and screen models.They will provide the intermediaries with details such as the size, age, and appearance characteristics of the model, and the intermediary will help the company to screen and select candidates.

Directly recruit

A small number of sexy underwear companies directly recruit models, they publish recruitment information on their own website, or directly look for candidates in stores and shopping malls.

personal suggestion

Many sexy underwear companies can also accept personal advice.Some customers or employees may make suggestions for their or female models they know.Interest underwear companies will consider these suggestions and contact new models.

A friend recommended

Quo underwear companies can also find models through the introduction of friends and colleagues.In these cases, recruitment and employment models may be easier because the situation has been screened by friends and colleagues.

School and university campus recruitment

Many sexy underwear companies are looking for model candidates in many schools and universities.They will post recruitment advertisements in the school, publish information in the school’s broadcasts, and directly send leaflets on campus to find models.

Special occasion recruitment

Finally, some sexy underwear companies will look for models on special events or occasions.For example, when they show sexy underwear on the fashion show, they may choose to find women who are full of charm in the local media, accept their applications and choose a local model representative brand.


In short, the process of choosing sexy underwear models is not particularly mysterious or difficult.From model companies to social media, from school to public recommendation, there are many options for sex underwear companies to find suitable models.But in the end, no matter what ways, the recruited models must meet the brand’s values and images.

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