What underwear and sexy underwear

What underwear and sexy underwear

As a close -fitting clothing, underwear is not only a tool for protecting the body and beautifying the shape, but also one of the important elements to show women’s beauty and sexy.Interest underwear is an independent classification in underwear. It further highlights the characteristics of women’s sexy and elegant appearance in appearance and design.Well, what underwear and sexy underwear are introduced here.

1. The classification of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is an independent branch in the lingerie classification, such as sports underwear, bras, body -shaping clothes, etc., all born from different aspects.The design of sex underwear focuses on modeling, materials, details and accessories.Common sexy underwear classifications include teasing series, love series, toy series, etc.Wearing sexy underwear can restore emotions, enhance beauty, and improve self -confidence to a certain extent.

2. Selection of erotic underwear materials

Interest underwear is usually thin, transparent, and soft materials, such as silk, lace, and gauze.While these materials are comfortable, they can improve their temperament when they are comfortable.At the same time, sexy underwear is also a dual experience of visual and touch. The choice of materials also directly affects the feelings of the touch. Therefore, you need to choose a comfortable, soft and quality material.

3. Underwear style choice

The style of sexy underwear is rich and diverse. Generally, it is divided into two categories: one is the surround type of the fabric, that is, the fabric directly wraps the fabric on the body, such as the laid underwear and pants -style underwear.The second is to be completely open, that is, underwear that exposes sexy parts, such as three -point underwear, bellyband, milk stickers, etc.In addition, underwear achieved with visual effects, such as transparent, mesh, lace, etc.

4. Series of series

The fun underwear of different series has different personality characteristics. For example, the charm series and the leisure series have a completely different taste.Wearing sexy underwear requires a suitable series based on your identity, occasion and temperament.For example, if it is a formal occasion, you can choose an elegant, noble, and concise metal gray series; if it is a leisure occasion, you can try the colorful, lively and cute cotton and linen series.

5. Selection of size

You need to pay attention to the appropriate size and interesting underwear.Interest underwear pays more attention to showing sexy effects for ordinary underwear, so if the size is not appropriate, it will easily affect the entire effect.It is recommended to measure your size carefully and buy suitable sexy underwear.

6. Match with clothing

The underwear is also particular about the clothes wearing.Usually, it is more common than ordinary underwear.If this is the case, it is recommended to choose a simple style, uniform color, and precise cutting.Of course, you can also choose silhouette clothes to strengthen the sexy inner sex.

7. Skills wearing

Sex underwear is different from general underwear.Pay attention to the details of posture, steps, movement and other details.Different erotic underwear has different dressing skills. It requires good reputation and well -designed brands to buy, and carefully consider buying before wearing.

8. Pay attention to comfort

Interest underwear is not just beautiful and comfortable.Uncomfortable underwear can affect the entire effect and mood, and even cause stimulation to the body.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the selection of materials, suitable sizes, and correct wear skills to make yourself comfortable to wear and achieve the best interest effect.

Viewpoint: While improving your temperament, sexy, and beautiful, you also need to pay attention to your body comfort and whether it meets the requirements of the occasion.Compared with interesting underwear, sexy underwear needs to pay more attention to details, so that your beauty can be more perfectly displayed.

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