What should I wear in sexy underwear

What should I wear in sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has become a must -have for many women’s wardrobes, and it is also a must -have for many couples.Many people ask when buying sexy underwear: "What should I wear in sexy underwear?" This question is more personal and needs to consider the health of women. This article will analyze this problem from multiple angles.

Fabric and material

The fabric and material of the sexy underwear have a lot to do with the hygiene and comfort of the skin.Many erotic lingerie uses chemical fiber fabrics or mixed fabrics of cotton, so we must pay attention to wearing sexy underwear to choose to ensure cool and comfortable underwear.It is recommended to choose the texture of soft and not easy to stimulate the skin. After wearing a good lingerie, you should also pay attention to the choice of underwear.It is best to choose a pure cotton or breathable underwear with better air through the air, which will give the skin better breathing space.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a sexy and romantic sexy underwear. Because it is made of transparent lace and different colors of silk, it is very good in the visual effect and texture after wearing it.However, because of lace fabrics, if you do not pay attention to the material of the underwear, you will be very uncomfortable and even infected when you wear it.Therefore, when wearing lace underwear, be sure to put on cotton -breathable underwear to ensure hygiene and avoid discomfort such as itching in private parts.

Three -point underwear

Three -point underwear is a relatively complex sexy underwear. It consists of three parts: top, underwear and sling, which can make women fully show their sexy and charming figure when wearing this underwear.However, you should also pay attention to the inside after wearing a three -point underwear.It is recommended to choose a tube top or darker tube top than underwear to avoid exposure.

Linseed underwear

The nature of linen underwear is relatively thin and soft, and it is a style that is more suitable for sexy underwear.If you can also choose light or bright underwear and panties for inside, dark underwear is also a good choice.This underwear is a particularly breathable fabric. It will feel very comfortable after wearing, but you need to choose suitable underwear and replace it every day to ensure hygiene.

Underwear suit

The sexy underwear suitable for inside also includes underwear pants suits.This style of underwear and underwear is often a set, which is more convenient and more able to reflect the sexy atmosphere.When choosing underwear pants suits, it is recommended to choose good quality products to ensure that you can also ensure hygiene.

Lingerie and panties separation

The separation of underwear and underwear is also a good choice. In this way, use of underwear and shorts or short skirts or suspenders to use to achieve sexy effects.It is recommended to choose a compatible underwear. If it is too tight or too relaxed, it will be uncomfortable when wearing, so it is best to choose the elastic, breathable and soft underwear.

Solid underwear

Pure color underwear is very suitable for inside whether it is a single product or a sexual underwear.Choose the appropriate underwear and the couple’s underwear jacket with you can also get the desired effect.But when choosing a solid color style, it is best not to choose the color that is too bright in color to avoid affecting sexy display.

Kessy sexy underwear

Kessy sexy underwear is a very artistic and fashionable sexy underwear, which can make women better show their charm and sexy atmosphere after putting on.How to choose the inside pants? Black stockings that are breathable and light can be well matched to avoid the design of the waist waist and trousers too complicated.

Black underwear

For sexy underwear, black is one of the most sexy charm, but it is more cautious about the choice of black underwear and inside.Black underwear needs to be paired with black underwear with better breathability, and must not be mixed with other colors.It is recommended to choose inner stocks with better breathability to maintain the hygiene and health of the private parts and skin.


In general, in order to better reflect the sexy and charm of sexy underwear, it is very important to choose the right inside.When choosing inside, you must not only consider color, fabric and material, but also pay attention to the texture and comfort to ensure physical health and hygiene.If you want to choose a variety of internal matches, it is recommended to selectively choose the skin friendly, soft fabric, and good breathability. You should also pay attention to the tight style to ensure the effect of wearing effects and hygiene while achieving sexy charm.

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