What should I do if my mother -in -law is seen by my mother -in -law

do not panic

Interesting underwear is very private, and it will make people feel embarrassed and confused when discovered by her mother -in -law.But don’t panic!First of all, we need to calm down and take some steps to deal with this problem.

First of all, we must be clear that wearing sexy underwear is our own choice and preference.Although traditional concepts may be considered as immoral and inappropriate, we have the right to have personalities in dress.We need to have confidence in our choices and do not regret it because of the mother -in -law’s incomprehension.

Listen to my mother -in -law’s thoughts

Understanding the idea of mother -in -law is the key to solving the problem.We need to listen to her point of view and consider how to deal with this situation.Some mother -in -law may be very disliked underwear because they are bound by traditional ideas.If the mother -in -law’s response is too excited, we should be patient with her, respect her views, and try to explain our own ideas and needs.

Express our point of view

When communicating with mother -in -law, we need to express our views and needs.When communicating with mother -in -law, we should avoid being too tough and try to restrain some of their emotions and tone, so as to avoid quarrels and make things more complicated.

Adopt a euphemistic way

When explaining erotic underwear to my mother -in -law, we can adopt a polite way.We can express that we like to add some tones to our lives and try new things.In this process, we must use words to state a proper way, so that my mother -in -law knows that we are not pursuing vulgar and obscene things.

With the help of third parties

If my mother -in -law responds to our sexy underwear, we can consider introducing third parties to mediate.These third parties can be our friends, relatives or professional mediation people.They can communicate between my mother -in -law and us, trying to achieve some compromises.

Try to change the mother -in -law’s view

If the mother -in -law’s view of sexy underwear is too biased, then we can also try to make some changes in their ideas.We can provide some sexy underwear related knowledge and cultural background in front of my mother -in -law, so that they have some more comprehensive understanding of sexy underwear.This can effectively reduce her mother -in -law’s disgust.

Try to transfer the topic

If we find that the discussion with my mother -in -law is too dull or quarrel, then we can try to transfer the topic to avoid talking about the inappropriate topic of sexy underwear.We can choose to discuss other topics with my mother -in -law to reduce the depression of the atmosphere.

privacy protection

Even when discussing problems with mother -in -law, we must protect our privacy.We can emphasize that some sexy lingerie needs to maintain some privacy when buying, so that mother -in -law should not easily violate our personal privacy.


When we encounter an embarrassing situation, we should not be too panic and blame, but should calmly analyze the problems and take appropriate measures.In the discussion with my mother -in -law, we should respect her opinion and protect our privacy at the same time to achieve a balance.In the end, we should adhere to our own ideas and preferences, not affected by others, and comprehensively show our own personality and charm.

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