What should I do if I break up sexy underwear

What should I do with sexy underwear after breaking up?

Interest underwear is an important part of modern women. This unique clothing plays an increasingly important role in the life of husband and wife.But when the relationship is ended for some reason, what should I have bought a good sexy underwear?In this article, we will introduce you step by step.

Back or destroy?

After breaking up, the first question is whether to throw away sex underwear.This is a very personal decision, so we should not make an over -comment on this.If you feel that you can handle the sexy underwear you have bought in other ways, then there is no problem.Most women choose to destroy their own sexy underwear, but there are also some people, especially those who see sex underwear as investment, may choose to retain them.

Keep the risk of sexy underwear

If you choose to keep sexy underwear, there are some risks to pay attention.First of all, you need to consider the place where the sexy lingerie is guaranteed.If you live in an old apartment or house before breaking up, or sharing a space with your former boyfriend, then retaining sexy underwear may become very embarrassing.

Use sexy underwear again?

The re -use here refers to the use of sharing with the new boyfriend.If you have shared a sexy underwear with your former boyfriend, then using his new boyfriend will be awkward.Therefore, we recommend that you do not bring sexy underwear to the new relationship, let alone use it to participate in party, nightclubs and other occasions.

How to destroy sex underwear

If you decide to destroy sex underwear, there are many options for this problem.One way is to throw it into the trash.But this method is not the most environmentally friendly, nor is it the most decent solution.You can consider donating sexy underwear.However, it should be noted that most charities do not accept sexy underwear.Therefore, the best choice may be to destroy sexy underwear, or give them to merchants such as flower shops/tobacco hotels to destroy them directly.

Sexy underwear maintenance

If you plan to keep sexy underwear, how to maintain and store them is a problem.This is because the sexy underwear is special and requires special maintenance procedures.It is recommended to standardize the washing and storage operation of sexy underwear.Wash the sexy underwear gently with water, do not use the washing machine, do not rub.The important thing is that don’t directly expose the erotic underwear to the sun, and don’t place it in a humid place.

Define yourself

After breaking up, it is normal to redefine yourself.Things related to the image of the body refer to sexy underwear here, and you should refer to this suggestion.You can try to wear some different styles of sexy underwear, which may increase your confidence.

Don’t be sexy underwear, you can also be sexy

Remember, sexy underwear is not your only way to show sexy.If you decide not to attract the attention of other men, you can still have many ways to show your own charm.This includes some branches or small underwear such as improving the exposed parts.

Keep a positive attitude

Whether you choose to destroy sexy underwear or retain them, breaking up is a painful process.We should maintain a positive attitude and face the future with positive energy.Breaking up does not mean the end of life, it means a new beginning.To keep your life attitude, you can definitely find a better relationship.


Ending a relationship may be unacceptable, but you should use growth as the focus and use some positive ways to handle sexy underwear.We believe that no matter what the way you choose, it will be an experience that allows you to grow from it.

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