What sexy underwear wears dwarf girls

What sexy underwear is wearing short fat girls?This is a difficult problem.Not only the problem of dressing, but also to consider personal preferences, occasions, and the style of the top.In this article, I will provide you with a suggestion of sexual underwear selection from the following eight aspects.

1. Choose a bray bray -strong bra

For chubby girls, the most needed problem is the drooping of the chest.Therefore, it is very important to choose the bray -holding bra.It is recommended to choose some bras with skeleton and lift cups to effectively improve the chest and perfectly show the origin curve.

2. Select V -neck or U -neck underwear

V -neck or U -neck clothes can extend the facial contour well and create a charming visual effect.For chubby girls, choosing such a sexy underwear can fully show their neck lines and make the proportion of body look more reasonable.

3. Choose some underwear with complex or horizontal lines

If it is a single color and no pattern sexy underwear, it may make the fat girls look more bloated.On the contrary, choosing some sexy underwear with complex patterns or horizontal lines can better modify the shape and make yourself look slimmer.

4. Select underwear with thickened or pads

Thickening or pad sexy underwear can effectively cover excess fat on the back and side, and they can help strengthen the body structure and make the figure look more heavy and well -proportioned.

5. Select underwear with rich colors or patterns

The color or pattern rich sexy underwear can better grasp the attention of others, attract the attention of others, and divert others’ attention to their own individual aspects.Although these sexy underwear cannot save their physical capacity, they can make people more confident and attractive.

6. Choose underwear that suits your body shape

For chubby girls, it is very important to choose sexy underwear with suitable sizes, especially bra.Too tight or loose underwear can make people feel uncomfortable and affect the shape of the figure.

7. Choose underwear that can show the body advantage

Dwarf fat girls will also have physical advantages, such as long legs and small waists, so choosing underwear that can show the body’s advantages is also a good choice.For example, some high -waisted sexy underwear can outline the waistline well, making people look slender.

8. Choose the underwear of the fabric

The quality of the fabric can directly affect the overall feel and appearance effect of the sexy underwear.Choosing a skin -friendly, moist and soft material will make the body feel more comfortable, and it can also show the body lines more beautiful and natural.

In summary, the choice of sexy underwear of short fat girls needs to emphasize the upper support, stretch the mandibular line, sharp shoulder back line, and exposed arms to achieve the best results.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the style and color that suits you according to your body characteristics.Of course, the standards of Midea vary from person to person, the most important thing is self -confidence and comfort.

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