What sexy underwear wearing short fat

What sexy underwear wearing short fat

1. What is short fat

Before introducing what kind of sexy underwear is suitable for short fat, we need to clarify what is short and fat.Short and fat refers to women with shorter height and relatively fat body. The waist and hips are relatively wide, and their chests are not prominent.

2. The effect of sexy underwear on the figure

Different styles of sexy underwear will have a different impact on the body.For example, some erotic underwear design can play a role in abdomen, hip lifting, and plastic chest.However, if you choose improperly, sexy underwear may also highlight the shortcomings of short and fat.

3. Suitable for short fat sexy underwear styles

First of all, short -fat women can choose V -neck sex underwear, which can extend the neck.Secondly, choosing tight and slim -fitting underwear can also shape the shape.Finally, lace, satin and other fabrics can increase the sense of sense and make the figure look more slender.

4. Avoid choosing too tight sexy underwear

Although the tight -fitting sexy underwear can shape the shape well, for short fat women, too tight sexy underwear will emphasize the defect of the body, which looks too bloated.Therefore, you still need to choose a splendid sexy underwear under the premise of comfort.

5. Choose sexy underwear with waist design

The sexy underwear of the waist design can tighten the waist well and make the figure look more slender.At the same time, this sexy underwear can also solve the problem of raised lower abdomen.

6. Don’t blindly pursue popular styles

Although the popular style of sexy underwear is very attractive, it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.When choosing a short -fat woman, when choosing a sexy underwear, they should consider their own shape and disadvantages, and choose the style that suits them.

7. You can choose a strap sling -style sexy underwear

The strap sling -style erotic underwear can shape the chest well, and it can also lengthen the neck and shoulder lines to make the shape look more slender.

8. Not suitable for short fat sexy lingerie styles

For short -fat women, the unsuitable sexy lingerie style includes sexy underwear with too tight tightness, too obvious waist hips, and sexy underwear that is too exposed to flesh.

9. Pay attention to the size and material of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, short -fat women should pay attention to the size selection, try to choose those styles that can be slim but not tight.In addition, the material must also choose soft, breathable, comfortable and personal.

10. Summary

In general, when the short -fat women choose sexy underwear, they must choose the style according to their body characteristics, pay attention to the choice of materials and size, to avoid too tight and physical sexy underwear.Only by choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can you wear confidence and comfortable.

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