What machines do I want to have sex underwear

1 Introduction

In modern times, sexy underwear has become a fashion, and more and more women have begun to try this charming clothing.However, to produce such underwear, there are many machines. This article will introduce some of the main machines needed for sex underwear production.

2. Sewing machine

Sewing machines are indispensable machines for the production of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, sexy underwear needs to use relatively light fabrics, so special sewing machines need to be used to ensure quality and efficiency.These sewing machines can produce high -quality sewing threads and are more stable and thick during operation.

3. Lace manufacturing machine

Interest underwear usually needs to be used. The lace manufacturer can produce a lot of complex lace, adding more charm to the sexy lingerie.The lace manufacturing machine can produce a variety of colors and shapes, which provides a very convenient choice for production of sexy underwear.

4. Seamless connector

Seamless joints are a key step in the production of sexy underwear, so seamless joints need to be used.This machine can quickly and effectively sew the fabric together, making the sutures cannot be seen.Seamless connector can greatly improve the efficiency of sexy underwear production, and at the same time to ensure quality.

5. chest cushion mold machine

The chest design of sexy underwear usually requires the support of lace, sponge and other materials.The chest cushion mold machine can form a specific shape of space in the lining, which is the most basic need for sex underwear.The chest cushion mold machine can produce high -quality sponge and lace chest pads, providing key support for the production of more perfect sexy lingerie.

6. Calligraphy

Metal decorations, naked metal buttons, lace and other elements need to be used in the sexy underwear.This machine can be scalded with metal patterns on sexy underwear to make it more beautiful.The gold perm can handle a variety of complex shapes, adding more charm to the production of sexy underwear.

7. Stracking machine

During the production process, sexy underwear needs to be tied with a webbing.The bundle machine can deliver the webbing of different colors and widths to the two bread clips.This machine can produce high -quality and different sizes of webbing, adding more luxury to sexy underwear.

8. Eye machine

The eye buckle on the sexy underwear also requires special machines to handle.Eye machines can produce eye buckles of different sizes in different areas, thereby increasing the adaptability and aesthetics of eye buckle.This machine can automatically complete the eye -catching process to provide important support for cost benefits.

9. Automated cutting machine

Automated cutting machines can be cut into different sizes and shapes in a short period of time.This machine can improve the production efficiency and accuracy of sexy underwear, and can also reduce production costs.Automated cutting machine has become an indispensable machine for sex underwear.

10. Conclusion

These machines introduced above are indispensable parts of making sexy underwear. Each one has specific functions and plays an important role in the production process.While ensuring quality and efficiency, the production of sexy underwear needs to continuously promote technological innovation and find more excellent and energy -saving equipment.

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