What kind of sexy underwear to buy by Bao Ma

(Note: This article is only used for fictional situations and does not represent my personal point of view.)

With the development of society, more and more treasure mothers have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear.Interest underwear can not only meet the needs of sexual life, but also allow women to be satisfied and comforted in their hearts.So what kind of sexy underwear do Bao mom like to buy?This article will answer this question from the aspects of material, style, comfort.

1. Fabric material is the key

The first problem to choose sex underwear is the choice of fabrics.At present, common sexy underwear materials include gauze, cotton, silk, lace, etc.The color of gauze and cotton sexy underwear is relatively single, and the comfort of wearing is average; while silk and lace sexy underwear are softer and smooth, and the touch is great.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, Baomao can give priority to the style of silk and lace.

2. There are different options at different occasions

Different occasions and personality also need to consider different sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, a simple sexy underwear or a comfortable and comfortable underwear is the best choice.In the hot summer, the sexy underwear of lace and breathable light fabric is more popular.If you want to participate in a party or special occasion, you can selectively sexy sexy underwear to add your charm.

Third, the matching of various types

Different styles of sexy underwear also have different wear effects.For example, bandaging sexy underwear can show your good figure; and open -back open sexy underwear can show your sexy and charm.If you want to cover your own small belly, you can choose a sexy underwear with a good effect of high -waisted and sexual panties and cup plastic effects.

Four, black is classic

Everyone may be confused about the choice of sexy underwear, and I don’t know what color to choose.Don’t worry, black is undoubtedly the most classic choice.However, black is not suitable for everyone. For example, fair skin can try to choose light -colored sexy underwear to add freshness.

Five, focus on highlighting beauty

When choosing sexy underwear, we need to focus on highlighting our advantages, and we do not need to highlight our shortcomings too deliberately.For example, if you have a sexy chest, you can choose a smaller cup to make your chest more prominent.However, you also need to pay attention not to be too exposed and vulgar. Interesting underwear should still maintain a certain beauty and temperament.

Six, comfort is also important

Comfort is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Although sexy underwear often needs to use softened and comfortable fabrics, cotton sexy underwear is not a good choice, because cotton fabrics are prone to kicking, which affects the aesthetics of the underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to consider the elasticity and comfort of the fabric.

Seven, bra and underwear match to match

When buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the matching of bra and underwear.There can be some differences in color, but if the material and style are completely different, it will appear very uncomfortable.If you do n’t know how to match, you can choose sexy underwear of the same style or brand to avoid errors.

Eight, breathability should be given priority consideration

Considering the breathability and ventilation of women’s bodies, breathable attributes are one of the factors that we have considered the primary consideration in buying sexy underwear.We must not only choose fabrics that do not penetrate, but also ensure the breathability of the underwear and avoid skin friction.

Nine, brand and quality are also important

Like other women’s underwear, the brand and quality of sexy underwear are one of the factors we need to consider.Especially in fabrics and appearance, brands and quality can be reflected.Therefore, you need to choose a brand with credibility when buying sexy underwear.

10. End view

When choosing a sexy underwear, we must also fully consider objective factors such as personal preferences and body characteristics, avoid blind worship of the trend and choose a sexy underwear that is not suitable for ourselves.Only by choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can bring better feelings and experiences.

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