What is the erotic underwear map of the fat girl

What is the erotic underwear map of the fat girl

Sex underwear is a very personal item, and many women are unwilling to discuss in public.For fat women, it is even more difficult to find a sexy underwear that suits you.In this article, I will provide you with some tips for buying fat women’s sexy lingerie, hoping to help your purchase.

1. Belly -ending sexy underwear on the waist

For women with a slightly bloated waist, the waist -like sexy underwear can play a role in the abdomen at the same time as sexy.They are designed to close to the waist, and some even have supportive skeletons that make your waistline more beautiful.

2. No trace underwear

Warrison -free underwear is one of the most suitable sexy underwear for fat women, because they are pursuing the perfect smooth effect, eliminating any sensory disorders in fat women.The material of this underwear is usually very comfortable, without any edges and edges, and can be easily worn under any tight clothes.

3. Simple style of sexy underwear

Simple and classic sexy underwear is also a choice of fat women. This type of underwear usually does not contain any loose bands and brackets, but uses comfortable fabrics, which is also small on the body’s contour.Fat women wear every day.

4. Wide shoulder strap sexy underwear

Wide shoulder strap sexy underwear can avoid the pain caused by wearing tight underwear, and at the same time, it can also wrap the meat on the back more completely to avoid forming fat accumulation.At the same time, wide shoulder straps can have better support and control, making it more comfortable and natural.

5. Very close underwear

A very close -fitting underwear is a sexy underwear that can wrap women to the greatest extent while maintaining sexy and stylish and fashionable.This underwear is usually made of polyamide or other elastic materials. They are very thin and can completely cover the entire body and still support it.However, you need to pay attention to health issues. You cannot wear underwear every day. It is best to wear 2 to 3 times a week and pay attention to the cleaning of underwear.

6. Exquisite edge sexy underwear

For those women who are confident and courageous to show their bodies, the exquisite edge sexy underwear is a good choice.The details of this underwear are very perfect, inlaid with various gorgeous shells, wings, beads or other accessories, which can make fat women more confident and sexy.

7. Sewed sexy underwear

The sewing of the plane sutured the chest to make the chest a whole, making its shape more natural and three -dimensional.They do not squeeze or tighten their chests and shoulders, causing discomfort, and they can avoid unnecessary sagging of the chest, even if they are fat, they can be more natural and sexy.


Finally, if all the above options cannot meet your needs, then you only have the last choice … you have wearing body clothes.Although body -shaping clothes cannot be attributed to sexy underwear, their role is the same.The bodybuilding clothing can reduce fat squeeze and chest sagging, making the body look more beautiful and compact.


In general, the purchasing sexy underwear of fat women needs to consider maintaining moderate comfort and support, while appropriately reducing the bloated feeling.Not suitable for too tight, but don’t be too loose, but insist on choosing fabrics, fit, key support parts, colors and styles that are suitable for your body.Taken together, as long as these small details are paid to these small details, fat women can naturally wear their own fashion and sexy.

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