What equipment does a sexy lingerie open store need

What equipment does a sexy lingerie open store need


To open a sex underwear store requires a lot of capital and time, and choosing the right equipment is one of the important factors to ensure the operation of the store.This article will introduce the equipment required for the sexy underwear shop in detail.

safety door

Safety door is a device that every store is needed, but sexy underwear shops need to pay special attention.Because sexy underwear shops are easier to attract some criminals.Choosing a firm and reliable security door is critical to protect the safety of the store and customers.

Fire prevention

Interesting underwear stores often use imitation leather and foam adult toys. Once these materials are on fire, it is easy to cause the fire to spread.Therefore, sexy underwear stores must be equipped with sufficient fire extinguishers, fire equipment and escape channels to ensure the safety of the store.

POS system

There are many types of products sold in sex underwear stores. In order to facilitate management and improve work efficiency, POS systems are recommended.The POS system can help you track sales records and generate sales reports and inventory rankings.In addition, the POS system can also speed up the cash register and reduce human errors.

Monitoring equipment

Installing monitoring equipment is another important means to protect yourself and guests, which can effectively prevent theft and other criminal acts.Configure high -definition, comprehensive monitoring equipment, and display the location of the camera in a prominent place in the store, which can effectively deter the illegal people.

voice system

A good voice system is a necessary device for sexy lingerie shops that allow customers to experience products more.You can play erotic music or voice prompts through a good audio system to make each guest’s shopping experience richer.

Display stands

Display accessories are very important for the display of sexy underwear shops.Choose the display rack to consider the material, style, color, size and other factors.It is recommended to choose the display rack of the foot wheel, which can easily adjust the display location and make up for the shortcomings of the lack of stores.

checkout counter

The cashier is an important consideration facing the sex underwear store.You must choose to provide a secure and convenient cashier, and maintain the security and confidentiality of cash.The design of the cashier should be concise and generous, and shorten the time for customers to wait as much as possible.

lighting device

A good lighting system can show the overall atmosphere and sexual underwear of the store.Choose a moderate brightness and gentle and soft light to show the color and beauty of sexy underwear.At the same time, pay attention to the safety and service life of the lighting line.

Test room

It is important to meet the needs of customers to meet the needs of customers.It is best to choose a quiet and private place to provide clean and soft seats and mirrors so that customers can better check the quality and appropriateness of underwear.


When choosing a sex lingerie shop equipment, comprehensive considerations should be considered according to the area of the store, the scope of business and customer needs.Only the allocated equipment can improve the operating efficiency of the store, ensure the customer’s shopping experience and ensure the safety of operation.(Author’s note: This article only covers some commonly used equipment in sex lingerie stores. In actual operation, it is necessary to negotiate with relevant local departments and follow relevant laws.)

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