What documents do I want to open a sexy lingerie store

What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. Compared with ordinary underwear, it is more exposed and sexy.It is usually bras, pants, suspenders, etc. made of lace and wire materials.

What documents are required to open a store

If you want to open a sexy underwear shop in China, you need some specific documents.

business license

First of all, you need a business license. This certificate is used to register a company and provide legal recognition for your business.

Commodity inspection certificate

You also need to conduct product inspections and get the corresponding documents.Interesting underwear is an adult product, and it must comply with the government’s relevant regulations on adult supplies, and it can only be operated after obtaining the corresponding qualifications.

Industry Qualification Certificate

Next, you need to get some industry certificates.These certificates show that you have the right to run a sexy underwear shop, and you know how to do this.These certificates are usually issued by government departments or industry associations.

Tax registration certificate

If you are a corporate or employed by a company, you must get a tax registration certificate.This is a permit given you by the government that allows you to legally operate in taxation.

Fire safety certificate

The fire safety certificate refers to a certificate obtained by your store after passing the fire safety inspection of the relevant departments to ensure that your storefighting facilities are complete and can ensure the safety of employees and customers.

Personnel qualification certificate

In the process of business, you need to hire employees to assist you.For them, you need to obtain a specific personnel certificate. These certificates indicate that the persons you hired meet the relevant government regulations and have corresponding ability and professional literacy.

Intellectual property certificate

If you want to mark trademarks or copyright marks on the sexy underwear you operate, you need to obtain an intellectual property certificate.These certificates protect your trademarks and copyrights and prevent others from infringement.

Place rental contract

After you have all the necessary certificates, you need to sign a place of lease contract.This contract shows that you have the right to run your sexy underwear stores in a specific place, and stipulate that the details of the agreement between you and the landlord, such as rent, rental period, and so on.


If you want to run a sexy underwear store in China, you need some necessary documents and contracts.These documents can ensure that your business is legal and ensure that your business is legal.If you want to open a shop smoothly, remember to get these documents first and comply with the corresponding regulations.

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