What are the sexy underwear shops in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a city full of vitality and passion, and sexy underwear also has a very colorful choice here.If you are looking for a place to buy sexy underwear, this article will provide you with some useful information.Here are some sexy underwear stores worth visiting in the Guangzhou market.

1. Quota Railway Station

The sex railway station is one of the most well -known sexual products chain in Guangzhou.It has many branches, of which Hualian Store and Tianhe City Store are the most well -known.It has various styles of sexy underwear, including a variety of different colors and sizes, and it can meet the needs of different consumers with rich other sex products.

2. Interesting red light district

The Interest Red Light District is another unique chain store in the Guangzhou market.The shop decoration is very chic and has a strong sense of interest theme style, which is loved by young people.It has a lot of sexy underwear, including a variety of different materials and styles.

3. Intellectual stroll

Interesting stroll is a novel experience store in the Guangzhou market. It not only operates sexy underwear, but also operates various other erotic supplies.The store offers high -quality sexy underwear, with moderate prices and suitable for consumers at different levels.

4. Fairy Tiger House

Fun Tiger House is a sexual product chain, known for its clear style, rich supplies, and affordable prices.It has many branches that offers various sexy underwear, including sexy suspenders, sex pantyhose and other styles, and have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

5. Fun Panda House

Interest Panda House is an emerging erotic product store in the Guangzhou market.It has a variety of products such as sexy underwear, sexy toys, a wide range of varieties, and cheap prices, providing very good choices for consumers.

6. Interesting metropolis

Fun Metropolis will be a professional shop mainly based on high -end brand sexy underwear.There are many different brand of sexy underwear in the store, with complete size, sophisticated materials, and excellent quality.But the price is higher than the other shops.

7. Fun Eden

Interesting Eden is a unique erotic products chain store. There are not only common erotic products such as sexy underwear, sex toys, but also some very special products, such as private parts whitening, vaginal tightening and other products to meet the needs of different consumers.Essence

8. Lancome Sex Products Store

Lancome is a well -known cosmetics brand, but it also has a good reputation in the field of sex products.The sexy underwear in the Lancome sex products store is high quality, with high comfort, diverse color, and more affordable prices, and is favored by consumers.

9. French French temptation shop

French French temptation store is a French sex shop. Entering the store makes people seem to instantly crosses to a foreign country.The sexy underwear in the shop is also very eye -catching, especially the camisole for women’s hearts is the star product of the shop.

10. My Apple Shop

My apple shop gives people a high -end and fashionable feeling.The shop’s fun underwear style design is novel and unique, and is closely combined with fashion trends. It is a fashion trend brand pursued by modern young people.

Conclusion: Although these shops have different styles and characteristics, they have won a good market reputation in the quality and rich quality of the product. Compared with the sexy underwear stores in other cities, the Guangzhou market has richer and colorful markets.choose.Whether you are looking for sexy, luxurious, high -end or affordable, and practical sexy underwear, you can always satisfy you.

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