What about the name of sexy underwear trademarks

Origin of sex underwear trademark name

Interest underwear is a sexy, fashion -themed underwear. The origin of the trademark name depends on the brand’s design concept and target group.Here are several ways to name.

1. Brand name and design concept related

Some sex lingerie brands associate the name of the trademark with their own design concepts.For example, a brand name like "lace temptation" emphasizes the temptation of lace to women’s charm.

2. Use brand claim

The brand advocates that the brand stands out.The name of sexy underwear trademarks can be named through brand claims.For example, the name of the "charming" brand reflects the charming lifestyle and aims to convey the values of pleasure, relaxation and confident life to consumers.

3. Emphasize the brand’s target group

In order to improve the identity of the target group, their trademark names will directly emphasize the target group.For example: "Girls’ Feelings" brand, the desire of young girls is pinned in the name, adding emotional colors.

4. Express the design characteristics in the name of the trademark name

The design characteristics of some brands are obvious. It is reflected in the name of the trademark, which is very in line with brand positioning.For example, the brand name of "Emerald Studio" combines the design of its product with the high -end positioning of the brand with the high -end positioning of the brand.

5. Good memory, good expression

It is very important for the brand name.For sexy underwear brands, the name should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and easy to communicate. For example, the name of the "Sixin" trademark reflects the texture of the underwear texture and after wearing it.

6. Use the rhythm rhythm

Some brand names use the rhythmic rhythm to make the name easier and better.For example: The brand name of "Flower" is literally related to erotic underwear, but its rhythm rhythm makes people unforgettable.

7. Emphasize environmental protection and sustainable development

Environmental protection and sustainable development have become more and more attention, and some brands emphasize this in the name.For example, the "Missy" trademark name, color, design, and names all emphasize the attention of the ecological environment and meets the psychological needs of modern consumers.

8. Use cultural symbols

Some brand names use cultural symbols to make the sexy underwear brand exudes a strong fashion atmosphere.For example, the brand name "Black Rose" conveys the brand’s sense of fashion and nobleness through symbols such as flowers.

9. Use emotional factors

In addition to being able to mark goods and transmit brand information, the brand name sometimes has a certain emotional meaning.For example, the brand name of "Gorgeous Beauty", through the word "Beauty", gives people a beautiful and beautiful emotional symbol.

10. Use poetry lyrics

Some brand names use poetry lyrics to make the brand name not only have aesthetics, but also emphasize the brand’s own characteristics.For example, the brand name of "Shiyun Lanxin" uses the words "Poetry" and "Yun", showing the beautiful and sexy of the brand design.

In short, the origin of the name of sexy underwear trademarks is diverse. The brand name can be tapped and interpreted in various ways. As long as it can meet the brand design concept and accept the target consumers.No matter how the brand name is generated, it will succeed only by accepting the high degree of fit with the brand and suitable for the acceptance of target consumer groups.

We look forward to seeing more and more sexual underwear trademark names with brand characteristics and good memory in the future market.

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