Wearing sexy underwear dry farmers%

Wearing sexy underwear dry farmers%

Since the Internet has the Internet, the word sex underwear has been regarded as a product that has spent the gorgeous photo incident.Since then, sexy underwear has gradually become a thing that ladies do it, enhance charm and tease love.In the era when this issue is constantly being discussed, the topic of wearing a sexy underwear%of farm farming is also surfaced.Below, we will analyze the influence of sexy underwear on the wearer and others.

Thick jacket

The white -collar workers work in a suit and shirt every day. Sometimes they are afraid that they are too monotonous, and they choose to wear sexy underwear.In this case, due to the thickness and design of the underwear fabric, the problem comes.If a lot of clothes are covered on it, it is difficult for people to see the style of the wearer’s underwear.

Perspective effect

In the summer, many ladies wear single clothes such as suspenders, shorts, etc., and choose to wear sexy underwear to bring sexy perspective effects, thereby increasing the color level and attractiveness.However, for farmers’ workers, workers, waiters, etc., wearing perspective underwear during the day is bound to have an embarrassing scene -people who see the underwear are rumored and rumored.This is very harmful to the impact of wearers and people trapped around.


Some styles of sexy underwear are to pursue visual sex, not comfort.These styles of underwear often use gorgeous fabrics, complicated cross lines, or tight bands, harder textures, etc., so that they have adverse effects on the daily comfort of wearers.Wearing such underwear in an environment that needs to stand for a long time, walk around, or sit for a long time.

Under the clothes

For women, wearing sexy underwear feels very good, but for some professional women or students, another purpose of pursuing another underwear in a hurry is easy to have problems.Take the schoolbag and walk out of the house.In this case, the lace lace and sequins on the underwear may be stuck by the crotch or shoes, which make the underwear dirty and ugly.

Picture selection

When discussing underwear, whether it is to tell others to protect themselves or give yourself a beauty, it cannot ignore an important role of underwear: enhance the image.Especially in some red carpets or various fashion activities, a star has attracted much attention, and with sexy underwear one by one, it shows the shining of unique guards.For this kind of scene, we believe that major influential fashion magazines or retail stores will use famous supermodels or excellent photographers, and use beautiful pictures.But we rarely pay attention to the background attached to us.


Even in summer, after a brief sweating, it will feel cold because of the air conditioner.Especially in the northern region, the annual cold winter, ladies wear slender underwear under the coat.For employees who need to stand or sit, but cannot disturb others, cold trembling and cough will obviously greatly affect their work efficiency.

Size comparison

I believe everyone knows that each brand is different in terms of style, color, and materials.But there is a situation that is very annoying, that is, inconsistent size.Some brands of sexy underwear or some documents cannot be updated in real time. In this case, sexy underwear sellers on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD.com often cause customers to return and exchange for the important parameters of the size.This also makes us understand that compared with the size when buying.


In the past, women wearing sexy underwear mainly to make themselves more sexy, get satisfaction, or give each other a sexy visual effect, but for some men, their psychology will have some anxiety and concerns.One possibility is that they doubt their girlfriends or partners’ sexy underwear and doubt whether they want to seek new love outside, or feel that their girlfriends are more sexy than other women.Another possibility is that men feel that sexy underwear is part of "sex toys". If girlfriends are wearing sexy underwear, they are likely to accompany their girlfriends to use these places.Of course, for most people, this kind of concern can be resolved by establishing more frank and understanding communication.


The status of sexy underwear in people’s minds still belongs to a icing on the cake. Although everyone’s purpose of the use of underwear is different, I believe whether it is to satisfy their own personality or make others look bright. We still need to still need it.Pay attention to the quality, comfort, appearance, size standards, and matching of underwear.Not only are girls wearing underwear need to be careful, we also need to realize the problems that may occur when wearing sexy underwear.

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