Wearing a sexy lingerie with the courier is strong


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that can add sex and love, which is loved by many sex lovers.However, when wearing sexy underwear, we must pay attention to our own safety.Below, let’s take a look at a real case of being strong in sexy underwear with express delivery, and how to avoid such things.


Recently, a woman was raped by a strange man when she was wearing a sexy underwear.It is understood that the woman wearing a sexy underwear that day was very sexy, but it did not consider the danger that may bring in public.

Understand the affair

Interest underwear is a underwear designed for increasing sexuality and improving sexual experience.Generally, sexy underwear will choose materials and colors with visual impact, strengthen women’s sexy charm, and help couples add sexual interests and interests.

Pay attention to wearing sexy underwear needs to be paid attention to

But wearing sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to safety issues.When women wear sexy underwear, they need to choose places suitable for public places, and do not expose themselves too much.As we all know, there are still many uncivilized people in society, so women need to pay attention to their safety.

Sexy underwear display on social media

Another problem is that there are many sexy underwear display on social media, which has also exacerbated the popularity of sexy underwear.We need to note that sexy underwear is suitable for private places, such as bedrooms, not in public.Therefore, when showing sexy underwear on social media, you need to pay attention to your behavior and affect the behavior of others.

How to choose sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the style that suits you according to your body and characteristics. At the same time, you also need to understand some styles with high fabrics and sexy degrees. It may be relatively dangerous, so you need to make a cautious choice according to the occasion.

Attach importance to sexual education

Paying attention to sex education is the direction that everyone needs to work hard.You can also improve your sexual knowledge and maintain a healthy sex life in various ways.At the same time, we also need to know the risks that may bring sexy underwear in public places, and make a wise judgment when choosing to wear sexy underwear.

Measures that can be taken around

Friends and families around you may be able to help you make scientific and rational choices.When dealing with the strong situation of sexy underwear, we can choose to communicate with friends to understand some self -protection skills and methods.

Professional communication will bring more suggestions

Professional ideological communication and psychological counseling are also one of the solutions.Professionals can give you more scientific suggestions and guidance to improve your quality of life and sexual life.

in conclusion

In general, we need to consider our own safety when we are wearing sexy underwear.In order to avoid unnecessary risks, we need to consider carefully when choosing a sexy underwear, choose a style and occasion that suits us, and also need to pay attention to sex education and improve our sexual knowledge and consciousness.

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