Wear sex underwear popping posture

Wear sex underwear popping posture

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can add a mysterious charm and interest to the bed, making the posture more colorful and more interesting sex.When choosing sexy underwear and popping posture, there are some details that you need to pay attention, which allows you to achieve the maximum sexy effect.Here are some tips, and some of the most suitable pose for wearing sexy underwear.

1. Select the sexy underwear that is suitable for your body curve

There are many brand and a wide range of sexy underwear to make your body have different charm.Choosing a sexy underwear that is best for your body curve can not only highlight your physical advantage, increase sexy and temptation, but also make you more confident and calm when you are popping.

2. Learn the correct undressing posture

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, the undressing posture is more important than usual.Although it becomes a prelude to the pop action, for both men and women, the process itself is a sexual stimulus.Don’t be impatient when undressing, you can gently cover the other’s eyes, or use sexy eyes and small movements when taking off your sexy underwear, improve the atmosphere and add interest.

3. Best Papa Pose: Flying Bird

Flying birds are a pose that is very suitable for wearing fun underwear.This posture requires men to lie down, women are half -kneeling, stand upright back, legs are separated, and pillows are matched.This posture is beneficial to stimulate the climax of women and makes them easier to achieve extreme happiness.

4. Best Papa Pose: Female Male

Women’s men’s posture is one of the simplest and most basic pushes, and it is also very suitable for women who wear sexy underwear.The advantage of this posture is that women can control the rhythm, which can freely play charm and sexy. Depending on the color matching of sexy underwear, different styles can also be reflected.

5. The best pop posture: yoga style

Yoga -style popping posture is very suitable for women with tight sexy underwear.This posture requires men to take a kneely style. The distance between the knees should not be too narrow, and the woman supports the waist in front of the man. It can be paired with high heels or stockings to be more sexy.

6. Pay attention to the card position of the shoulder straps and hooks

In the pop -up action, the shoulder straps and hooks of sexy underwear are very easy to get stuck, especially when it is fierce, it is easy to cause stuck discomfort, or directly destroy the sexy effect.When wearing a sexy underwear, try to avoid stuck in the shoulder straps and hooks. You can choose a brand with better quality and fixed fixed -fixed brand when choosing a sexy underwear.

7. cleverly paired with underwear

In addition to external decoration, the matching of sexy underwear must also choose suitable and sexy styles.It is best not to choose overwear that is too tight, too loose or too thin.Choose the same brand or the same style as much as possible underwear in order to make the whole match more reasonable and perfect.

8. Flexible selection of hairstyle

The elegant and charming hairstyle is important for women’s sexy lingerie.When choosing a sexy underwear, consider your hairstyle and choose the hairstyle with sex underwear.For example, wearing a flower, braid or high bud head, you can make you more charming.

Viewpoint: While wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to these small details, and increase sexy and tempting by choosing suitable pose, underwear and hairstyles.Show the sexiest side in bed, master the correct dressing, undressing and popping posture skills, making sexual life more interesting and colorful.

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