Wear sex underwear in the kitchen AV


For many people, integrating sexy underwear into sexual life is a stimulus.When you and your partner wearing sexy sexy underwear in the kitchen, you will find that this is a beautiful experience.This article will explore how to wear the AV of sexy underwear in the kitchen to enhance the fun of sex.

Choose the correct sexy underwear

First of all, you should choose a sexy underwear that suits your body shape, which is very important.You must ensure that underwear adapt to your naked skin.It is best to choose the color that is similar to your skin tone to highlight your body curve.

Hot color deployment

Choosing colorful and eye -catching sexy underwear will make you more sexy and hot.Using colors similar to red, black or purple can enhance your attractiveness and make you feel more sexy.

Different underwear types

The type of sexy underwear is also very rich. You should know which underwear is suitable for you when choosing.For example, bras and underwear are the most common types, but you can also choose to make yourself more sexy.

Good atmosphere and atmosphere

Between cooking dinner, you can create a good atmosphere for yourself and your partner.Put some relaxed music and some candles to enhance the atmosphere.These atmosphere will help enhance your sexy charm.

Use of physical language

When you wear a sexy underwear, your body language is very important.When walking, you outline your hip curve, hold your chest and abdomen, and show sexy charm with twisting evaluation.

The attitude of not humble

Temperament is the key to achieving everything, and attitude is more important than appearance. When you feel confident, relaxed, and comfortable, you will emit your sexy light and impress people.

Swipe a refreshing taste

When wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen, you should pay attention to your fresh taste.Use fragrance or perfume to avoid strong odor to disperse your charm.

Flexible and free action

You should twist your body when you are wearing a sexy underwear and show your body curve, such as Dance Workout, Yoga, and Prate, which will help show your body.

Sexy seasoning match

When cooking, you can master some sexy seasoning, such as adding some pepper powder, curry, vanilla, and garlic, which will let you create an exciting atmosphere.

in conclusion

It is a stimulating way to integrate sex underwear into sexual life, and wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen to enhance the fun of sexual life is a wonderful experience.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should consider the shape, color and style suitable for you.In addition, in terms of creating atmosphere, candles and music are used to create a pleasant atmosphere.The most important thing is to maintain self -confidence and nature and enjoy the wonderful moments in sex.

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