Wear sex jackets in the bar

Go to the bars in sex underwear: a new trend worth trying

In the minds of many people, sexy underwear is a way to strengthen sexual stimulation and play with emotions.Although many people just use sexy underwear as decorations in the bedroom, more and more people now choose to wear sexy underwear in social occasions such as bars and gatherings.So what does it feel like wearing sex underwear in a bar?What do you need to pay attention to?Let’s discuss it in depth.

It is very important to choose the right sexy underwear

It is a new attempt to wear sex underwear in a bar, so it is very important to choose the right sexy underwear.Pay attention to matching clothing, make sexy underwear and personal style properly, and don’t make sex underwear the embarrassment of the occasion.

Choosing can show your sexy sexy underwear

It is very important to wear sexy underwear in a bar to show your sexy side.Therefore, when choosing underwear, you can choose some sexy underwear with perspective effects or special details. Don’t be too conservative, you can appropriately show your curves and sexy.

Pay attention to the theme of the bar

Be sure to pay attention to the theme when choosing a bar, so that it is convenient for wearing clothes.For example, if you go to a bar with a strong sexy atmosphere, then you need to choose a more bold and sexy sexy underwear to show your advantages.

Don’t wear ordinary underwear to the bar

If you don’t have enough courage to choose sexy underwear, then at least don’t choose ordinary underwear.Various lighting effects in the bar will completely expose your figure. In this context, wearing ordinary underwear will look a bit low -key and even unique.

Be confident

Wearing a sexy underwear in a bar requires self -confidence to make yourself show the best side.Confident state can make your body more prominent and more attractive.

Don’t forget the feeling of the underwear itself

In the bar, you will stand for a long time wearing a sexy underwear, because this is a social venue, and you need to communicate with many people.Therefore, you need to consider the comfort and fit of the underwear itself, and don’t just look at the appearance.

Wearing sex underwear requires corresponding psychological preparation

Wearing sex underwear in a bar, many people’s psychological state may be challenged.Therefore, you need to prepare the corresponding psychological preparation and not affect your emotions.

Wearing fun underwear with friends is a good way to play

It is a very interesting game to wear a fun underwear with friends, which can make everyone more joyful and relaxed.Different erotic underwear allows everyone to experience a more different feeling and atmosphere, and strengthen the connection between friends.

Pay attention to the behavior of the occasion

Wearing sex underwear in a bar need to pay attention to personal behavior and basic etiquette in the occasion.Wearing a sexy underwear itself is sexy and exposed, so pay attention to controlling your behavior and conversation, and avoid being misunderstood as too much.


Wearing sexy underwear in a bar is itself a very interesting and trendy attempt.As long as you choose your own sexy underwear, confident, psychological preparation, and attention in the occasion, you can show your most unique side in social occasions.

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