Wear a fun underwear article for girlfriends

How to wear a sexy underwear for girlfriend

Interest underwear is a good way to increase sex and sexy.Many women are keen to flirt and increase confidence in wearing fun underwear.As a boyfriend, let your girlfriend wearing sexy underwear naturally become an important task.This article will teach you how to wear sexy underwear for your girlfriend to improve your interesting life.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for girlfriend

Women’s body is a wonderful curve, but each woman has her own different body and style preferences.It is important to respect your girlfriend’s preference when choosing sexy underwear.Some women prefer the backless design, and some people prefer to cover a larger sexy underwear.Pay attention to women’s body ratio to ensure that the choice of underwear is suitable for her body shape.In addition, pay attention to color and materials, because they will affect their girlfriend’s mood and comfort.

Confirm whether the size is suitable

It is a kind of torment that is hard to endure clothes.Therefore, it is important to ensure that your girlfriend wears a size suitable for her.Write the sexy underwear model and size to easily find underwear that is suitable for figure.In addition, remind your girlfriend to remember her size is also a detail.

Learn to solve the fun jacket

Unlocking sex underwear can rest assured that his girlfriend can not worry about the deformation or damage of the underwear.You can practice in front of your girlfriend to get familiar with the process of solving the process. This process can make you happy at the same time.If you feel difficult when you unlock the sexy underwear, you can find tutorial videos on YouTube, or seek help from experienced friends.

Manufacturing sexy atmosphere

Sex underwear is used to improve sexy.If you want to wear a fun underwear for your girlfriend, it is very important to make a sexy atmosphere.You can try some aromatherapy, play soft music or create a romantic atmosphere.By creating the atmosphere of relaxation and rest, you can help your girlfriend better experience the happiness of wearing sexy underwear.

Help girlfriend put on sexy underwear

It is exciting and happy to put on underwear for your girlfriend.Provide her the correct service, including adjusting the suspender and belt to the appropriate position and tie together.Keeping warm and gentle communication makes her feel relaxed and safe.

Keep comfort

Interest underwear is used to increase interest and comfort.Wearing uncomfortable erotic underwear will greatly reduce his girlfriend’s interest and experience.When wearing sex underwear, pay attention to the comfort and breathability of wearing to ensure that his girlfriend feels comfortable and relaxed.Unless your girlfriend likes it, avoid excessive or crowded sexy underwear.

Good use of sexy underwear

Once your girlfriend put on sexy underwear, the next step is to play their role.Interest underwear is not only a separate clothes, but also to increase sexual experience.You can sit down and kiss your girlfriend’s ears or neck, and gently touch her chest or hip to tease her.No matter what you plan, you must ensure that you respect your girlfriend’s wishes and comfort.

Show your own self -confidence

When your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, you need to show a state of self -confidence and joy.Throughout the experience, maintaining a confident attitude and an enjoyment will improve your mutual experience.You can tell your girlfriend that she looks beautiful and sexy, making her feel happy and appreciated.

Overall, wearing sexy underwear for girlfriends can bring a lot of fun and strategic experience.Please make full plans and preparations before trying to ensure a higher level of experience and happiness.

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