Wash the sex lingerie and hang it on the balcony, okay?

Can sexy underwear be dried on the balcony?

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Unlike daily underwear, its fabrics and production processes are more special.Many people have questions: Can sexy underwear be washed on the balcony like ordinary underwear?Below, let’s find out.

Step of sex underwear washing steps

First of all, let’s take a look at the washing steps of sexy underwear:

1. First of all, you need to thoroughly wash the sexy underwear to avoid damage to the clothes and the residue.

2. Secondly, use a towel to absorb the underwear to dry the water, squeeze the water slightly, and place it in a well -ventilated room to dry it.If you use a dryer, you must choose low temperature drying to avoid excessive drying temperature and cause sexual underwear damage.

Can sexy underwear be hung on the balcony?

We need to consider whether sexy underwear can hang on the balcony to dry on the balcony.

Sunshine will damage sex underwear

On the one hand, we must know that the ultraviolet rays in the sun will affect the material of sexy underwear, causing the clothes to change color or even cracking. Therefore, putting sex underwear on the balcony of the sun may accelerate the aging damage of the underwear.


On the other hand, in many cities in China, because of the intense living environment and population pressure, the clothes space in many areas are public, and the sexy lingerie is likely to be peeped by others by others.Therefore, in public, you need to pay special attention to privacy when drying clothes.

Correct drying method

Understanding the problem of sexy lingerie hanging on the balcony, we need to master the clothes drying method suitable for sexy underwear.

When drying the sexy underwear, you should choose a space of good ventilation, safe location, and direct sunlight. This can avoid the damage to the sexy underwear as much as possible with the sun and others.

Choose appropriate materials

The material of sexy underwear also has certain requirements for drying.First of all, you need to clearly know the fabric of sexy underwear, because the underwear of different fabrics needs to use different clothes drying methods.For example, the underwear of silk fabrics cannot be exposed to the sun. It is recommended to use a low -temperature dryer.And because it is easier to dry, the cotton underwear is more easy to dry.It’s not sure here

Pay attention to the color of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has rich colors and types of patterns. This requires that it is necessary to pay attention to the color that the color is not easy to fade, avoiding too much laundry and bleaching powder, and choosing a soft laundry. It will be better.

Falling underwear maintenance procedures

Sex underwear needs to be well maintained and washed in accordance with the correct procedures.In addition to paying attention to sunlight and privacy issues when drying, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. Use a special sexy underwear cleaning agent to clean the clothes

2. Wash the sexy underwear in hand to avoid using washing machine cleaning

3. Dry cleaning will be sent to credibility and reliable dry cleaning store

4. The number of ironing should be reduced. It is best to use the sexy underwear of pure cotton or lace fabric.

in conclusion

In summary, when drying and having sex underwear, the problems that need to be noted are not only the location and ventilation of the clothes, but also pay attention to some details such as color, fabric, and sun exposure.Therefore, you can try to dry the sexy underwear in a well -ventilated space in the house, or use a low -temperature dryer to dry it.In addition, you must also pay attention to the maintenance and correct cleaning method of sexy underwear to ensure its quality and long -term service life.

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