Ancient erotic underwear video

Strange style in ancient sexy underwear videos

In our modern people, the materials and styles used in sexy underwear are very novel and avant -garde, but in fact, in ancient times, people also created many strange sexy lingerie styles.

Stroke sexy underwear

In ancient times, women’s sexy underwear was usually composed of long straps.The length of these straps can be determined according to needs to meet different occasions and needs.This sexy underwear is also very convenient at the same time, because straps can be adjusted at any time when needed.


There is another very strange style in ancient erotic underwear, which is osteopo sex corset.This corset coat is usually made of beef bone or bamboo, which can help women raise their chests and make them look more upright.

Belt sexy underwear

In addition to the corset, the ancient people also invented a variety of erotic underwear, the most common of which were belt -style sex underwear.This underwear can be worn on the waist and reaches the right body type by adjusting the length.In addition, the design of this underwear also makes it very breathable and will not affect women’s health.

Beads sexy underwear

In ancient times, sexy underwear can also be composed of various jewelry and decorations.For example, beaded sexy underwear is often used to attract men’s attention.This style of erotic underwear can be arranged in an orderly manner, which makes a crisp sound in women’s sports.

Shark bone sex shield

Shark bone erotic underwear is an ancient rare sexy lingerie style.The design of this underwear originated from ancient women’s requirements for posture.The shape and flexibility of the fish bone can help tie the breasts and waist circumference together, while ensuring that it will not cause damage to the body when wearing.

Printing sexy underwear

Printing and sexy underwear is a uncommon sexy lingerie style, but there is still a certain market in ancient times.This kind of sexy underwear usually prints various patterns and colors on the fabric, so it hopes to visually evoke people’s emotions and sexual desire.


Pomegranate pants are also a rare style of ancient sexy pants.Its design is similar to modern briefs, but there are many pomegranate patterns on it.The design of this sexy underwear makes women’s breasts look fuller, and at the same time, men can visually have a greater enjoyment.

Lochrus border 情 underwear

The ruffled edge is one of the signs of the sexy underwear of ancient women.The design of the lotus edge makes the sexy underwear look more cute and sexy, and can also bring a rich emotional experience to women.

Wool sweater -style sexy underwear

Wool -style sexy underwear is a very novel sexy lingerie style, and its material is usually wool.This sexy underwear can ensure that no matter how cold it is, women’s body can always be protected.At the same time, this sexy underwear can also bring a very special sensory experience to women.


Although modern sex lingerie styles are still very novel and attractive, ancient sexy underwear also has many attractive places.We should cherish the various ideas and creations of human culture, and get inspiration and revelation of life.

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