Want to wear sex underwear out to go shopping

Want to wear sex underwear out to go shopping

What to wear to go shopping?Most people may still choose to wear ordinary clothes. After all, sexy underwear exists as private products, and it is not suitable for going out.But if you are going to try this unusual way, and some worry about how to match to integrate into the public environment, it will not be too eye -catching, try and try it in front of the mirror, and still feel inappropriate, then this article may be for you for youProvide some references.

1. Buy sexy underwear suitable for wearing

The first thing to note is that the sexy underwear you buy needs to be suitable for external wear.Some over -sexy underwear, such as a large area of transparent mesh design and too exaggerated whip marks, may appear too exaggerated in some occasions.Choose some more simple sexy underwear or a shirt and coat on the outside of the underwear, which will be more in line with the public’s aesthetics.

2. Follow -up style

Popular elements are also important for sexy underwear.If you can keep up with the fashion trend, the sexy underwear you wear will look more fashionable, not "weird".

3. Know your temperament

At the same time, we must also consider your temperament.The style of wearing sex underwear should be consistent with your original style, otherwise it is easy to feel uncomfortable.If the original style is more literary and fresh, you can choose sexy underwear with more prominent details such as petals.

4. With shoes

The choice of shoes is also important.Compared to underwear, shoes are the details that can show their personality.Wearing high heels will show more sexy and charm of women, but walking slower and easy to wear high heels, so you need to consider where to go and decide whether to choose high heels.

5. With pants or skirt

The choice of pants or skirts should also be cautious, and consider whether the matching with the underwear is coordinated.Choosing uniform underwear and coats will make you go out to wear sexy underwear.

6. Wet or jacket

If you are not sure if the underwear is too sexy, you can also match a shawl or coat, which not only makes it more decent, but also plays a certain cover role.

7. Exquisite jewelry

Underwear with exquisite jewelry, such as lace bracelets, earrings, etc., can also highlight the sexy temperament in less eye -catching parts, and cannot be taken lightly.

8. Don’t be too exaggerated

The extremes of everything may cause bad effects, especially in sexy underwear.Don’t choose too exaggerated and too sexy styles, at least for beginners, this seems not enough to adventure.

9. Confidence and generosity

Wearing sexy lingerie is the most important thing for self -confidence and generosity.With a good mentality, grasping the "better -looking" scale, walking on the street and finding other people’s curious eyes showing unruly smiles and beautiful and elegant and confident steps will not only perfectly integrate the attention of everyone, but also become the attention of everyone, but also become the attention of everyone, but also becomes the attention of everyone, but also becomes the attention of everyone, but also becomes the attention of everyone, but also becomes the attention of everyone.Everyone’s talked about characters.

10. About the true meaning of underwear

Finally, it should be said that do not pursue the external beauty and ignore the inner health and happiness.Sexy and charm come from the inner self -confidence and healthy lifestyle.No matter what kind of way you choose, you must have a sober understanding in order to truly practice both inside and outside.

Viewpoint: It is not a rude or unacceptable thing to wear sexy underwear. The key is to wear properly and confident.Interest underwear can become a kind of external expression of women’s sexy charm, but be careful not to over -fire.

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