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(Note: This article only provides reference for the type of sexy underwear, not for sales)

Interesting underwear is a more delicate and personal body cracks. Because of its bold and stylish shape, with mysterious sense, it is very popular with women.This article will introduce you to some delicate and beautiful sexy underwear types to help you better choose your favorite style.

1. Linear

The style of linear sexy underwear is very simple, but due to its unique line design, it can highlight the body curve and make you more sexy.This kind of common colors in sex underwear are black and white, red and white, etc., allowing you to show your personality in low -key.

2. Feather type

Feather -type sexy underwear skirts and chests are often decorated with feather, and the overall shape is very unique.The combination of its transparency and feathers allows you to present an extremely elegant temperament and reminiscent of the fairy of angels.

3. Lace type

The lace -type sexy underwear is a very elegant style, and its edges are often covered with exquisite lace.The color of this sexy underwear is mostly low -key color such as black and white, which makes you more sexy and elegant.

4. Bow type

Bowy sexy underwear is a very cute style.Its back or neck is often decorated with a bow, which is very playful.This kind of sexy underwear is mostly bright colors, such as pink, red, water blue, etc.

5. Flower type

Flower -type sexy underwear is a beautiful sexy underwear. Its overall lace lace is very beautiful.This kind of sexy underwear is common in red, purple and other bright colors.

6. Doll -load

The doll -style sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with cartoon elements. Its shape is sweet and sunny, and it is loved by young women.Doll -style sexy underwear is often mainly soft colors such as pink, sky blue.

7. Bare

Naked sexy underwear, as the name suggests, this kind of underwear will expose part of the body.This underwear has a dull and unconventional atmosphere, suitable for women who want to show their personality.

8. Mini skirt type

Mini skirt sexy underwear is a very sexy style.Its skirts are usually short, showing beautiful legs, and it can also highlight the delicate skin of women.

9. Sport chain type

The body chain -type sexy underwear is a very avant -garde style. Its edges are often paired with metal or psoria chains to show sexy temperament.This kind of sexy underwear is often decorated with high -quality metal materials, giving people a noble and gorgeous sense.

10. Elastic denim

Elastic denim sexy underwear is a very fashionable underwear.Its overall shape has a rock atmosphere, revealing the characteristics of fashionable women.The common main color of elastic denim sexy underwear is blue, which will be paired with black, red and other accessories.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear is one of the important ways for women to show self -confidence, sexy and charm.No matter what style of erotic underwear you choose, remember to play your best side with a confident mentality when wearing.At the same time, sexy underwear is a more private fashion. When buying, pay attention to choosing a regular brand and quality assurance products to ensure a comfortable and safe dressing experience.

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