Various sexy underwear methods illustration

Various sexy underwear methods illustration

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear specifically designed to add sexy and sexy underwear. Its style and style are ever -changing.The following are the illustrations and production processes of various erotic underwear.

1. Type -see -out sexy underwear

Type -see -out sexy underwear is a very popular underwear. Its transparent and light fabrics can bring people a mysterious and sexy feeling.When making, first cut the inner biliary from the appropriate gauze fabric, then uniformly cover the transparent tulle on it, and finally sew the edge.

2. Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear. It consists of three small dots and connects bra, underwear and belt.When making, you can use silk, lace and other fabrics. After cutting the appropriate shape, you can connect them with a strap and belt.It should be noted that the size must be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the wear effect.

3. Silk suspender sex underwear

Silk suspender sex lingerie is very light and soft, which can show the elegant temperament of women.When making, you can use silk and other fabrics to cut out the shape of a suspender and bra, and then sew it together.If you need to be more sexy, you can add lace and other decorations on your chest.

4. T -shaped pants sexy underwear

T -shaped pants are a very sexy underwear. It connects with two triangles and a thin band, which is more explicit than ordinary underwear.When making, you can use lace, satin and other fabrics, first cut off two triangles and a slender strap, and then sew it together to form a T -shaped form.

5. Men’s sexy underwear

Men can also wear sexy sexy underwear, such as see -through underwear, suspenders, etc.When making men’s sexy underwear, it can use elastic and soft fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and yarn.When selecting styles, pay attention to the characteristics of the curve of the male body.

6. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is the favorite of women. Their tightness and touch are very suitable for skin.Laces usually need to be sutured on clothes, so when buying lace, be sure to leave enough sewing space.

7. Set a set of sexy sheets

A set of sexy underwear is composed of multiple parts such as cups, underwear, belt, etc., which can make women look more complete and more sexy after wearing it.When making, you must first choose the right fabric, and then cut it according to the curve characteristics of the female body, and finally sew each part.


Multi -layered puffy and loose -loving underwear is a style that makes women look more sexy and charming. It is usually stacked from multi -layered materials.When making, you need to choose fluffy fabrics, such as mesh, silk, cotton, etc., stacked and sewed together to form a fluffy effect.

9. Maid dress sexy underwear

Maid dress makes women look more sexy and charming.For the manufacture of maid clothes, you must first choose the appropriate material. Silk and lace are often made of cuffs and hems, and it is made to use leather or rubber to imply the special function of the clothing.When making, you should pay attention to the details of clothing, such as cuffs, necklines, necklines and other designs.

10. Tong Yanju sexy underwear

Tong Yanju’s sexy underwear can bring ultra -high value to women, while showing the attractive lines of women’s figure.When making, you can refer to the patterns created by the excellent underwear designers, and reasonably use modern technologies such as stereo cutting and edges to show rich endless line shapes.

In short, the style of sexy underwear is very diverse, and the appropriate fabrics and techniques should be selected according to different characteristics and purpose during production.If you want to make sexy underwear for yourself, you can refer to the above styles for design and practice.

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