Urban beauty has fun underwear

Urban beauty has fun underwear

Sex underwear is no longer a simple concept of thong and lace bra. Nowadays, sexy underwear is already charming and charming art.With the increase in the attention of sexual life and the increase in urban women, sexy underwear has become a way, making women overflowing confidence and sexy charm.With erotic underwear, you can wear beautiful and sexy underwear on the bed to stimulate your feelings and each other, making your sex life more colorful.So how should urban beauty choose sexy underwear?This article will answer you.

Material selection

Material is a factor that cannot be ignored when choosing sexy underwear.Common materials are silk, lace, yarn, nylon, etc.Each material has its unique characteristics, and needs to be selected according to your preferences and skin texture.Silk is one of the most comfortable choices. It is soft and fits the skin, but its price is expensive.Lace and gauze are usually more transparent and more sexy, but you need to pay attention to avoid stimulating the skin.

Choice of design

The design of sexy underwear is the key to its sexy level.Choosing charming and sexy underwear can make people strong attractive.The design of the bellyband, three -point style, etc., can show the beautiful curve of women and make sexy underwear more sexy.You can also choose sexy underwear like tube tops and tulle robes. Although this kind of underwear looks more conservative, it contains infinite softness and sexy.

Color choice

Color is an important element in sexy underwear, which allows you to exude different breath and sexy charm.In terms of color, transparent, black and other are sexy, pink, light blue and other colors are gentle, and dark red and wine red can show the charm of women.Of course, you need to choose according to your skin color and personal preference.

Selection of size

The size standards of different brands may be different. Therefore, in the case of comfort, it is recommended to try it on and choose a size suitable for your body.Too small size will make you feel oppressed. Too large size will affect the appearance of sexy underwear. Choosing a size suitable for you is the most important.

Brand choice

Brands are also factors that need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear.Some well -known brand’s sexy lingerie styles and quality are guaranteed, but the price is also more expensive.Some niche brand styles are special, and the price is relatively affordable.When choosing a sexy underwear brand, you can choose according to personal preferences and budgets.

Choice of matching

The matching of sexy underwear is very important. A good set of good combinations can not only show the beauty of the underwear, but also improve the temperament and charm of women themselves.In terms of matching, you need to pay attention to choosing high heels, stockings and other accessories corresponding to the sexy underwear, so that the entire image is more oriented.

Fashionable choice

With the change and development of fashion, the style of sexy underwear has continued to change.In terms of fashion choices, you can refer to the current popular sexy lingerie styles. For example, some fashion bloggers on the Internet also have a good demonstration of sexy underwear, which can bring themselves more inspiration and choice.

Sexy is not limited to age reduction

It is undeniable that many girls choose some young tooth -style sexy lingerie styles in order to look younger when choosing, hoping to improve their sexy charm by age.In fact, sexy is not an inevitable product after age. As long as you choose sexy underwear suitable for your body and temperament, it is the most important thing to maintain confidence and sexy.

in conclusion

Buying your suitable sexy underwear can make yourself self -confidence and sexy in daily life, showing a better self.It should be noted that when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to factors such as your body, preferences, skin texture, and you need to balance between self -confidence and sexy to shape a perfect image.

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