Top ten rankings of domestic sex lingerie brands

Top ten rankings of domestic sex lingerie brands

1. Sasa (sasà)

Sasa is the oldest one of the domestic sex lingerie brands, and has many years of product accumulation and brand promotion experience.Its products are characterized by stable quality, high comfort, and long service life. They are loved by consumers and their prices are relatively close to the people.

2. Begentle

He must be a brand that focuses on women’s sexy underwear. Its products have a wide variety of products, covering a variety of sexy, fashionable, comfortable, and practical styles.In terms of brand propaganda, we must pay great attention to the details and design sense. They often invite well -known models and artists as spokespersons, and cooperate with many fashion magazines and brands to increase product exposure.

3. Sanna (Sanna)

Sana is a brand with clothing and underwear as its main business. Its fun underwear product line is relatively new, but has developed rapidly in recent years.Because the underwear it designed is more modern, cutting -edge, and diversity, it has become the preferred brand for more and more young consumers.

4. Xingmeitang (xmtang)

Xingmeitang has been established in recent years. It is mainly for mid -to -high -end consumer groups who are over 30 years old, pay attention to quality, and pursue high -end underwear.Its product is characterized by fine tailoring, high material, and excellent comfort, especially in detail processing, and has won unanimous praise from consumers.

5. Hengda

As a leading brand of domestic sexy underwear products, Heng Dao has a very mature and stable manufacturing and sales channel.Its products focus on sexy and practical, and the price is relatively close to the people. It is the first choice brand for many young and student groups.


FOCO is a new brand that has risen rapidly in the market with the help of Internet marketing.The brand is based on "building a Silk Road feast that belongs to every sexy woman" as the brand purpose. Its product has a variety of products, affordable prices, and guaranteed quality. It is good in consumers.

7. Devil

The magic world is an earliest sexy underwear brand. Its product has a diverse style, emphasizing sexy, avant -garde, and excitement. It is suitable for gorgeous and vibrant women to wear.The product price is high, and it is a trend brand with affinity and fashion.

8. Monix (Monite)

Monix is a love lingerie brand that is deeply loved by women. It emphasizes female personality. The product line also focuses on innovation and fashion, pursuing both quality and perceptual.Its underwear is diverse and high -quality, and enjoys a high popularity in the domestic market.

9. Fantasy Ling (MyC)

Fantasy Lings is a brand that focuses on more sexy and charming sexy lingerie. It pursues the integrated underwear artistic conception of the brand’s sexy, colorful, fashionable, and artistic integration, and cater to consumer groups of young and personalized needs.

10. bonbon

Bonbon is a young, free, enthusiastic and fashionable sexy underwear brand. Its product has a variety of products, sexy, comfortable, soft, and fashionable. With the goal of meeting all the needs of female consumers, it has won the favor of consumers.

In summary, domestic sexy underwear brands are currently showing a diverse and diversified trend. Over time and market change, the brand competition is also changing.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must not only consider brand reputation and product cost -effectiveness, but also consider to buy products of the product of the sex underwear brand according to factors such as your body, needs, psychology and other factors.

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