Thirty -year -old woman buys sexy underwear

Section 1: Why do I need to buy sexy underwear

With age, women’s body has also changed, especially for women in their thirties, their breasts are no longer as delicate as when they are young, they are easily affected by gravity, and their shapes are not perfect.At this time, choosing a suitable sexy underwear can make up for the shortcomings of the chest and enhance self -confidence.

Section 2: The trend of European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is a popular style on the market. It is often bold and sexy, and the design is not restricted to the traditional concept of underwear, which echoes women’s pursuit of freedom and personalization nowadays.

Third paragraph: Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Choice

For the choice of sexy underwear, you must buy your own size and style based on your body.For example, women with thin and long figures can choose stockings suits, and women with plump breasts can buy styles with chest gathers and good styling effects.

Fourth paragraph: style classification of adult sex lingerie

There are many types of adult erotic lingerie, and you can choose different styles according to different degrees of shyness.For example, sexy and charming lace styles are suitable for more liberalized occasions, and more shy women can choose more conservative sexy underwear, such as cotton material, no too much decorative style.

Paragraph 5: color choice of beauty sex lingerie

The color choice of beauty underwear should also be selected according to their skin tone.If the skin tone is fair, you can buy dark underwear with darker colors and strong contrast, while women with dark skin tone can use light or bright underwear to increase their complexion.

Section VI: Purchase location of sexy underwear

At present, sexy underwear can be purchased in e -commerce such as major shopping malls, brand stores, Taobao, Tmall.For the initial buyer, you can try to learn about the size situation at the physical store, and then buy your own style and more affordable sexy underwear on the e -commerce platform.

Seventh paragraph: the maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear

When wearing and cleaning, sexy underwear needs to pay special attention. Be sure to follow the explanation of their respective brands. Do not rub it with your hands to avoid destroying the fiber texture of the underwear and affecting its appearance and beauty.At the same time, choose warm water or cold water during cleaning. Do not use hot water or bleaching agent for force.

Paragraph eighth: the matching skills of sexy underwear

When matching, you can make different options according to the appearance and the occasion.For example, to attend important occasions, you can choose low -key and elegant sexy underwear.At home or romantic dinner, you can choose a more sexy style and reveal the unique charm of women.

in conclusion:

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to make different choices according to your body shape, style and occasion. At the same time, you should pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the underwear to extend the service life of the underwear.Proper purchase and sexy underwear can increase women’s confidence, release their sexy charm, and let the people around you see themselves more face.

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