There is an extra fabric in sex underwear

There is an extra fabric in sex underwear

Interest underwear is a fashion darling of modern society. It needs to find a balance between sexy and comfortable, so that women feel the most comfortable and confident in wearing.However, sometimes an extra fabric will appear in the design of sexy underwear, which has led many women to face the confusion in the type when buying sexy underwear.This article will explore this issue, understand the reasons for excessive fabrics, and give some solutions.

Reason 1: The designer must give better support

In the design of sexy underwear, some styles use thicker and stronger fabrics, which is to give the chest better support.In this case, the designer will reserve some excess parts on the fabric to cover and support the other layer of fabrics to cover and support the chest, thereby avoiding the sagging of the chest or shape deformation.

Solution 1: Try the sexy underwear of other styles

If you don’t like sexy underwear with excess cloth, you can try other styles of sexy underwear, such as not to need such a supporting erotic underwear.For example, some steel -free sexy underwear uses thinner materials, which can seamlessly suitable for most women while enjoying comfort and beauty.

Reason two: Home and pajamas need

Some women have special personal clothes, home pajamas and some specific clothing require some thick materials to ensure texture and aesthetics.This usually requires the use of extra fabrics in the design of sexy underwear to achieve this effect.

Solution 2: Choose suitable sexy underwear

If you wear sexy underwear at home as pajamas, you can choose to design the appropriate sexy underwear. These sexy underwear usually integrates specific thickness materials, while providing comfort and beauty.Moreover, they are usually equipped with other special design details to enhance the overall effect.

Reason three: Designers need to increase regulatability

Many erotic underwear design adopts a regulatory structure, which means that the underwear can be adjusted according to the body shape and posture of the wearer to achieve a more ideal comfort.This is very popular among some sexy underwear brands, and they can use excess fabric to create adjustment structure to solve this problem.

Solution 3: Buy a designed sexy underwear for regulatable.

If you need some sexy underwear that can be adjusted in a moderate body, you can choose a sexy underwear that is designed for this purpose.Usually these erotic underwear use more materials, which can easily be adjusted and have higher accommodation and comfort.

Reasons 4: The fabric is to cover the protection of privacy

Some women may feel uneasy or uncomfortable because the underwear area is not fully blocked. Therefore, designers can use excess fabrics in this specific area to cover and protect privacy, which is also useful.

Solution 4: Choose appropriate fabrics and styles

When choosing this sexy underwear, you can find sexy underwear with special leak -proof, breathable and retractable performance, which will quickly eliminate privacy when using it.Although such interest underwear is usually higher than the price of other sexy underwear, it does bring higher value.

in conclusion

Overall, sexy underwear is designed to meet the needs of different consumers.When you choose a sexy underwear, you find that there are extra fabrics, and you can choose more suitable sexy underwear by understanding the different design reasons of love underwear.However, it is important to choose sexy underwear that is suitable, comfortable, reasonable, and suitable for summer and winter.

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