There is a mouth under the sexy underwear

What is the mouth under the sex underwear?

If you often wear sexy underwear, you will find that there will be a small mouth at the bottom or crotch at their bottom or crotch, but you may not know what its role is.

What is the effect of the mouth under the sex underwear?

The mouth below the sex underwear can usually allow you to easily go to the toilet without having to take off your underwear or top completely.This is very convenient, especially in public toilets or when taking pictures.

Is the mouth under the sex lingerie hygienic?

Many people worry about whether the sexy underwear that opens a mouth is hygienic.Relevant studies have shown that the design of these underwear can maintain hygiene.However, you should still pay attention to cleaning and disinfection personal hygiene, and do not use them after using sexy underwear.

What are the types of sex underwear?

There are three types of mouth under the sexy underwear: zipper, magic stickers and twisted types.The zipper and magic -style sexy underwear is usually used on a conjoined or wrapped sexy underwear, and the twisted ones are commonly used on the three -point underwear.

How to use the mouth under the sexy underwear correctly?

When using the mouth of sex underwear to solve the toilet, you need to put a portable cleaner in your bag or pocket.Gently pull the lower zipper, magic sticker or twist on the side with your hands.After finishing the finish, remember to restore the sexy underwear.

What do you need to pay attention to?

After wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to whether it is completely suitable for your figure.Underwear is too tight or overly pine can cause uncomfortable wear.In addition, it is also important in personal hygiene.Please clean and disinfect your erotic underwear frequently.

How to clean and disinfect sex underwear?

Interest underwear usually uses hand washing instead of a washing machine.Before using the washing machine, please carefully read the instructions of the sexy underwear.Use a specified detergent or soap, or you can use a cleaner specially designed for sex toys and sex products.After cleaning the sexy underwear, it is necessary to represent the disinfection process of completely sterilizing.

How to maintain the mouth under the sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is very easy to be damaged.Proper maintenance can ensure the life of sexy underwear, while helping you better use the following mouth.When maintaining sexy underwear, follow the washing instructions.In addition, pay attention to prevent wear and friction when wearing sexy underwear.

Is the mouth under the sex lingerie suitable for everyone?

The mouth under the sex underwear is suitable for most people, but for some people, they may not be practical or useful.For example, people who need more support or strong control may need to find other solutions.

Does the mouth under the sex underwear affect your health?

The mouth under the sex underwear generally does not have much impact on physical health, but improper wear may cause irritating skin diseases.If you have related health concerns, you should consult a professional doctor or a health doctor.

Point of view

All in all, the mouth under the sex underwear can make wearing more convenient, but you should use and maintain carefully.If you have any questions about their effects or use methods, please consult the opinions of the sales staff or professional or health care doctor in the sexy underwear store.

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