The wife who wears sexy underwear every day

Background introduction

As a special type of underwear, erotic underwear has attracted many women’s attention with its sexy, charming, teasing characteristics.However, most women often wear sexy underwear only on special occasions or emotional heating up, and this article is introduced that a coquettish wife is wearing sexy underwear every day.

Her reason

When asked why I was wearing sexy underwear every day, the coquettish wife laughed: "This is a kind of respect for myself. I want to keep myself a charming and sexy state. Wearing sexy underwear makes me more confident,vivid."

Her opportunity

The coquettish wife was not staying at home. She often had the opportunity to walk out of the house in sexy underwear.For example, go to company party party, shopping, dating, and so on.She believes that wearing sexy underwear every day allows you to meet the opportunity at any time.

Her choice

"In sexy underwear, I prefer the styles of lace, red and black series. They look the most charming and sexy." The coquettish wife said.

Her match

"Matching is also very important. For example, with high heels or stockings, it can make sexy underwear better." She shared some matching skills with us.

Her maintenance

The delicate wife told us that sexy underwear needs to be maintained with heart."Be sure to correctly clean according to the requirements of the washing label. You cannot rub it freely, otherwise it will damage the fabric."

Her point of view

Unlike some people think that sexy underwear is only a tool for sex, the coquettish wife thinks that sexy underwear is a way to show her charm and confidence.She hopes that more women can try to wear sexy underwear, make herself more charming and confident, and add some fun to life.

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