The sexy underwear you bought can not be washed

1. The sexy underwear bought: Do you need to wash?

Many people have a question after buying sexy underwear, that is: Do you need to wash the sexy underwear you bought?

In fact, this depends on whether the sexy underwear you buy is bought in the store or bought online.If you buy it in the store, you will definitely be tried by someone else before trying it on, so it is recommended to clean it before trying it on.If you buy it online, then because it is a new product, you do not need to be cleaned.

2. How to clean the sexy underwear

For the cleaning of sexy underwear, we need to classify first.If it is a sexy underwear with natural materials such as cotton and silk, you can use a washing machine for cleaning.However, it should be noted that the washing link must be gentle, and do not use high -speed rotation to avoid damaging clothes.

If it is a sexy underwear such as lace, beard, etc., it is recommended to wash it by hand, and wipe it gently with a soft towel to avoid using sharp items such as brush.

3. The use of sexy underwear cleaning agents

For the cleaning agent of erotic underwear, it is recommended to use a dedicated to underwear cleaning agent.This cleaning agent is not corrosive for underwear materials, and it can completely clean the dirt in the underwear.

At the same time, do not use too strong cleaning agents to avoid damage to underwear materials.

4. Fairy underwear drying method

Interest underwear cannot be exposed to the sun because the ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause damage to the material of the underwear.Therefore, it is recommended to use indoor drying methods.

At the same time, underwear should be placed in a good ventilated place to ensure the dryness of the underwear.

5. The influence of underwear material

Different underwear materials have different effects on washing.If it is a sexy underwear with natural materials such as cotton and silk, you can use most of the cleaning agents for washing.

However, if it is a sexy underwear with lace, beard, etc., cleaning agents need to be cleaned to avoid damage to the material.

6. The frequency of underwear cleaning

According to the advice of experts, it is recommended to clean the sex lingerie after each use, so as to avoid the breeding of stains.

Especially when sweating in summer and the body, it is recommended to clean and dry them every day.

7. Drying time of underwear

For the drying time of sexy underwear, it is necessary to adjust the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons and humidity.

In summer, the drying time of sexy underwear will be more accelerated. It is recommended to dry it in half a day to a day.In winter, it is recommended to dry within two days.

8. Precautions for ironing sex underwear

For some erotic underwear with silk materials, you need to iron it to maintain a smooth texture.

However, it should be noted that the temperature of the ironing should not be too high, and it is recommended to place a clean towel on the underwear to prevent the underwear from directly exposed to the iron and cause damage.

9. Falling underwear preservation method

If you don’t need to wear underwear frequently, you must pay attention to the preservation of underwear.

It is recommended to place the underwear in the storage box and apply a thin storage bag fungicide on the underwear to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

10. Summary

For factors that need to be washed, and whether they need to wash, and to wash, drying methods, etc., they need to be paid attention to.Only by doing a good job of cleaning and preservation can we ensure the quality and cleanliness of the underwear, and at the same time can bring better health to the body.

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