The second marriage man’s house has a former interesting underwear


In recent years, divorce and remarriage have become more and more common.In this case, the second marriage man found a sensitive problem when he found his former sexy underwear.This may have a adverse effect on their wedding life.So, the question is, how should the second marriage men deal with the sexy underwear left by the ex -girlfriend?

Evaluation situation

Before solving this problem, you need to consider the following points:

Does your new partner mind this situation?

Will sex underwear trigger your memories?

Does your ex -girlfriend take the initiative to ask for a sexy lingerie?

Solution 1: Treatment of former interesting underwear

If your new partner minds, then you need to deal with the sexy underwear left by his ex -girlfriend.The processing method may be destroyed, returned or stored.

Solution 2: Design a solution

If your new partner doesn’t mind, but you still feel that it will cause memories, then you can find a way to design a solution.This scheme can be stored in a box that labeled as a "memory", and then stored, or transferred the sexy underwear to your ex -girlfriend.

Solution 3: Contact with the former girlfriend

If your former girlfriend asked to recover sexy underwear, it is best to contact her and return these sexy underwear.If you have no contact information between you, you can consider sending the erotic underwear back to her by mailing.

Solution 4: Avoid public display of sexy underwear

It is best to avoid showing the erotic underwear left by the former girlfriend in front of your new partner.If your new partner sees these sexy underwear, it may be stimulated, which will affect your relationship.

Solution 5: Use sexy underwear as a souvenir

If you do n’t care about sexy underwear to cause memories, and your new partner does n’t mind, then you can treat it as a souvenir and leave it to yourself.You can put sexy underwear in a special place, such as the box marked as a "souvenir".

Solution 6: Reasonable look at the situation

You can look at these sexy underwear rationally, and don’t feel uneasy about their existence.They are just one item, which can stimulate you with memories, but it will not affect the new relationship you have established.

Solution 7: Talk about the predecessor

You can talk to your new girlfriend and communicate with her.This makes the relationship between you more open and transparent.Your new partner may even be appreciated for your honesty and courage.

Solution 8: Self -reflection

You can reflect on your attitude towards this problem when you see sexy underwear at home.This can help you better understand yourself and find a better solution.

Solution 9: Try psychotherapy

If you care about the erotic underwear left by his ex -girlfriend, you can try psychological therapy.This can help you relieve emotional pressure and better deal with this problem.

Solution 10: Seeking professional help

If you feel that you can’t deal with this problem, you can seek professional help.Psychologists or love experts can provide useful suggestions to help you better deal with this problem.

Ultimate point of view

When dealing with the former sexy underwear left by the second marriage man’s house, you should consider the feelings of the partner and design solutions according to the actual situation.If you can’t deal with this problem, you can seek professional help.The most important thing is that while looking at this issue rationally, don’t ignore the relationship between you and the new partner.

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