The purpose of the beads of sexy underwear

The purpose of the beads of sexy underwear

1. Increase visual effects

As a decoration, the beads in sexy underwear can visually increase the beauty of the underwear, making it easier for people to be attracted and produce the desire to buy.The color, size, shape, material and other changes in the beads can make the underwear show different styles.

2. Improve the body curve

In the design of the underwear, beads are often arranged in places in the chest, waist, hip, etc. By portraying the body curve, the body is more linear and more sexy and beautiful.Especially under the lights of some beads, the whole body is more mysterious and attractive.

3. better matching

Underwear with different beads can better show different styles and characteristics.For example, black underwear with silver beads will look more noble and cold; red underwear is paired with golden beads, which can show sexy temperament.In short, the existence of beads is neither too cumbersome nor tasteless, and the matching is very good.

4. It plays a role in the chest

In some sexy underwear, the designer will add beads in the chest area, which not only plays a decorative role, but also to achieve a certain effect of chest support.By adding more beads, the chest will make the chest more upright and smooth.

5. Increase comfort

The beads in sexy underwear are no longer limited to the design, and the improvement of comfort is gradually strengthening.For example, adding soft beads and smaller beads can make wearing more comfortable and comfortable, and at the same time enhance the self -confidence in wearing underwear.

6. Increase temperament

Many underwear beads are not only simple decorations, but also a way to show women’s temperament.The more beads are not as good as possible, but the use of beads should be used to the extreme, making the underwear more beautiful in detail, exuding the unique charm of women.

7. Highlight quality

The selection and processing technology of underwear beads directly determine the quality and value of the underwear. High -quality beads will make the entire underwear more high -end luxury and reflect the value of purchasing.

8. Add elasticity

Many beads in underwear use elastic materials, which can meet the appearance requirements and will not affect the beautiful lines of underwear.At the same time, the effect of elastic beads is more obvious during motion in underwear, which can play a cushioning role and reduce the impact of exercise on the chest.

9. convey the theme concept

Some sexy underwear uses special beads to convey a certain theme concept, such as angels, devils, roses, etc., so that underwear has more specific cultural connotations and can conquer consumers’ psychological needs.

10. Expand market share

The beads in sexy underwear have gradually become an important classification of the underwear industry. As a kind of entertaining and innovative underwear, it has been loved by more and more young people and consumers.The beads of sexy underwear have a pivotal role.


The first choice for beads in sexy underwear as decorations and functional elements has a huge impact on the value and connotation of underwear. Underwear designers need to consider the layout of the beads from all angles to make the sexy underwear more interesting, extremely beautiful, more affordableEntertainment.At the same time, when consumers buy sexy underwear, the types and design of beads also need to choose cautiously to find out the sexy underwear that suits them best, reflect their own personality and style, and achieve the best visual and psychological effects.

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