The process of doing sex underwear

The process of doing sex underwear

If you want to make yourself more sexy, wearing a sexy underwear will be a good choice.So what is the process of wearing sex underwear?The following will be divided into several aspects to explain in detail.

Choose a style that suits you

The first thing to do is to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Different styles of sexy underwear will show different styles, which can be selected according to personal preferences and needs.For example, if you want to show your sexy and charm, you can choose low -cut, off -the -shoulder, perspective and other styles. If you want to add some mystery, you can choose to split, hollow, lace and other styles.

Buy the right size

After selecting the styles, you must consider the size problem.Interest underwear has the characteristics of tightness, so you must buy appropriate size to be comfortable.The size of different brands may be different. You can refer to the brand’s size table to choose.

Trial adjustment

After buying a suitable sexy underwear, you need to try it on and adjust.First of all, you must put on your underwear, then pull up the sexy lingerie, put the two bra cups on the breasts on both sides, adjust the tightness of the shoulder strap, so that the sex underwear is sticked in the body.Tight or traces.

Make -up with beauty

After wearing a fun underwear, you can match the beauty shape.You can choose some sexy makeup, such as dark lipstick, eyeliner, bold eye shadow, etc., so that you are more mysterious and attractive.

Choose the right occasion

Choosing the right occasion is also a very important step.Although sexy underwear is sexy, not all occasions are suitable for wearing.You can choose to wear some occasions, such as private occasions between couples, parties or personal photography.

Maintain a confident mentality

Wearing erotic underwear not only has to be sexy, but also self -confidence is also necessary.Believe in your own charm and beauty, as well as the self -confidence and enhancement mentality brought about by erotic underwear.In this way, you can fully show your charm and sexy.

Pay attention to cleaning maintenance

After wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance to ensure its durability and hygiene.You can use professional sexy underwear washing agents for cleaning, or hand washing or machine washing.When drying, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight to avoid damaging the fabric.

Make yourself more confident and sexy

Wearing erotic underwear is a way to increase self -confidence and sexy.As long as you choose the right style and size, make a trial adjustment, match the beauty shape, choose the right occasion, maintain a confident mentality and pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, you can make yourself more confident and sexy.

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