The opening of the stall sex underwear at any time


Crottchless lingerie at any time, as the name suggests, is a special open pocket at the hem of the pants, so that women who wear underwear do not have to take off their underwear during sex and directly carry out sex.

Functional Analysis

The lingerie that is popped at any time uses its unique design to increase the irritation of sex. At the same time, it also avoids unnecessary exchange and cooperation, providing more convenience for unmarried women and married couples.In addition, due to its unique design, it makes it more similar to ordinary underwear instead of underwear when wearing. It is comfortable to wear and not easy to score and other discomfort.

Material and style

Most of the materials of the sexy underwear at any time are soft materials such as silk, lace, etc., while the styles are ever -changing, both sexy, cute, fashionable, different materials, styles and color matching, which can satisfy different womenPersonalization of underwear.

Applicable scene

The open -stall sex underwear at any time needs to be considered on the occasion and objects.For married couples, the open -stall sex underwear at any time is an effective tool for enhancing couple feelings, and for single women, most of them are to meet the psychological needs of finding stimuli.


When a woman chooses to wear a sexy lingerie at any time, it is necessary to consider their materials and quality to avoid adverse effects on private parts.In addition, cleaning and hygiene issues are particularly important during use. Pay attention to cleaning and disinfection.

With suggestions

At any time, the sexy underwear with sexy stockings has a perfect effect. You can also use the close -up sticks to participate in the dance, performance and other occasions.

the way of buying

The open -stall sex underwear at any time can be purchased in a professional erotic underwear brand store or online.When buying, pay attention to whether it is genuine, and there must be high quality standards, and buy the suitable size.

Brand recommendation

Multiple brands of production and sales are snapped in sexy underwear at any time, such as Hong Kong, such as Hong KonglovehoneyBrand Flirty series, Victoria’s Secret brand, etc.

Cultural and social impact

As sexual concepts are becoming increasingly open, the open -stall sex underwear, as a new underwear at any time, is gradually becoming a symbol of women’s pursuit of freedom of sex, but at the same time, there are controversy and criticism, and they must be used on appropriate occasions.


As a new type of underwear at any time, the unique design makes it a symbol of women’s facilities and sexual freedom in sex, and also reflects the current situation of sexual concepts.Pay attention to hygiene and appropriate occasions.

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