The most popular sexy lingerie

The most popular sexy lingerie

With the gradual diluing of people’s traditional concepts, sexy underwear has become a fashion trend pursuing more and more women and men.Not only that, sexy underwear can improve interest and enrich sex.But there are many types of sexy underwear on the market. How do they choose Not Sure?This article will introduce the most popular sexy underwear, and briefly introduce their characteristics and applicable scenarios to help readers choose sexy underwear easier.

One, bra

As the representative of sexy underwear, the bras have many brands and styles.Among them, the most popular bra is lace chest.Lace is the softness and beauty represented by the sexy underwear, which can reflect the tenderness and tenderness of women. At the same time, it also reveals that sexy and show feminine charm.If you like a unique style, you can also choose the braces such as printing and embroidery.

Two, T -pants

T -shaped pants are one of the most popular sexy underwear.It is a type of underwear that only covers the lower body, similar to "briefs", but the middle part is a T -shaped underwear.The wearing of T -shaped pants can more directly show the beauty of women’s curve and effectively stimulate the desire for sex.

Third, jacket

Supreme clothes are a perfect fusion of sexy, temperament and elegant sexy underwear, and sexy is a major feature of it.Because the design of the jacket is usually tight, it can highlight the beautiful body shape of women and keep the eyes of others always focus on you.Putting on a jacket and putting on a variety of postures on the bed can fully satisfy all kinds of fantasies.

Fourth, pajamas

Pajama is an elegant work that shows sexy underwear. A high -quality pajamas can make women sexy and intellectual, and make men involuntarily crazy for her.Pajamas have been stored in sexy underwear because they can provide a better experience and the most beautiful interesting experience for the couple’s night life.

Five, stockings

As an indispensable element of sexy women’s clothing, stockings have also become a member of the sexy underwear series, adding a beautiful beauty to women.The slippery touch, the visual enjoyment of wrapped the beautiful legs, has made stockings one of the sexy underwear that can inspire people’s desires.

6. Interesting costume

Interest costumes are a more special underwear.Wearing or wearing in sexual behavior can effectively create a more unique emotional experience.This type of sexy underwear is very creative and exploring, and often becomes an important part of the sex experience.

Seven, SM leather

The reason for SM leather is that it plays an important role in sex.Elements such as leather restraint and mild pain, control, dominance can make people’s sex feel great stimuli.SM leather underwear needs to pay attention to related safety measures and behavioral morals when used, and be careful.

Eight, exposed milk

The exposed milk is a particularly sexy sexy lingerie that exposes the breasts or only retains the nipples.This kind of sexy underwear is most suitable for women who want to challenge and stimulate, and at the same time, men can also obtain unprecedented orgasm experience under visual stimuli.


Everyone’s choice of erotic underwear is based on personal taste and needs. The above eight sexy underwear are only the most popular categories of many sexy underwear. Readers can try one by one on this basis to explore the sexy underwear that suits them.

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