The hostess comes to sell sexy underwear

The experience of the hostess to sell sexy underwear at the door

One night, I received a call for a girl to sell sexy underwear.Although I haven’t heard of this brand before, I am still full of curiosity and invite her to my house.

1. First Meeting -SIXANG sexy underwear

The girl wore a full -scale Ixiang sexy underwear, and she showed me a series of sexy underwear of various colors and styles.These underwear look carefully produced, both materials and workmanship are excellent.

2. Provide professional suggestions and sales skills

When I started hesitation to buy, the girl started to help me.She asked my taste and needs, and promoted my underwear to me for me.At the same time, she also showed me how to wear and maintain underwear.

3. Feel the texture of different materials

I like some colors and styles very much, so the girl let me feel the texture and quality of each underwear, so that I can confirm my choice more.

4. Careful listening to consumers’ feedback

Girls are not only a salesperson, but also a good listener.Whenever I expressed dissatisfaction, she can listen and try my best to solve the problem, and eventually make me more confident in the decision to buy underwear.

5. Selling points with sexy sex

As far as I know, sexy underwear women are more sexy and seductive to stimulate their sexual desire for themselves or spouses.The girl also used this as a selling point and explained the use of some sexy underwear.

6. Show underwear style

In addition to sexy, there are many different styles of sexy underwear, such as literature, sweetness, romance, etc.The girl showed me these different styles of sexy underwear, which made my understanding of this field deeper.

7. Establish a customer relationship

In the end, the girl paid attention to my needs and tastes and provided TA contact information. When I continued to update the product of TA in the future, I could get notified and place an order as soon as possible.

8. Summary

Personally, although I did not intend to buy sex underwear at first, but such a sales experience can make my understanding of sexy underwear more deeper, and the actual use effect can make me buy these beautiful underwear.At the same time, TA can sell TA products very cleverly and get my respect and trust. I am also willing to promote TA’s brand and services to more people.

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