The female lead wears a sex underwear 1v1 high H text

The female lead wears a sex underwear 1v1 high H text

At present, women pay more and more attention to the quality of physical health and sexual life. Among them, love underwear, as a sexual product, promotes sexual interest while improving women’s self -confidence and charm.Then, in the pursuit of a higher quality of sexual life, the more romantic and private scene of the heroine wearing sexy underwear has gradually been manifested in literary works.Below, let’s discuss the 1V1 high H text of the heroine wearing a sexy underwear.

1. Describe the appearance of the heroine

At the beginning of the novel, it can describe the heroine’s appearance: such as her eyes and figure, and then described her clothes: such as sexual emotional and fun underwear at the first appearance, which will increase the visual effect of the novel and create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Gradually warming the lust

Next novels can describe the interaction between the lust between the heroine and the actor.From the beginning of the foreplay, there can be a certain description, such as: slow and gentle kiss, mixed with affectionate breathing sounds.At this time, the leading actor may touch the heroine’s body to reduce the tension she generated by passion, and then gradually stimulate the sensitive parts, such as chest, legs, lips, etc., until both sides enter a more fun state.

Third, orgasm of lust

After some affection, the emotions of the two sides have gradually reached a climax. At this time, the novel can show the emotional communication between the main characters through more adjectives and gritting dialogue.

4. Describe the sexy feeling of the body

In the novel, in addition to emotional exchanges, it also involves the sexy feeling produced on the body when describing the heroine wearing sexy underwear.Such as the hotness of the chest, the humid heat between the thighs, the warmth on the ears, and so on.These descriptions will better bring readers into the situation and let them feel the authenticity of the scene.

Five, the landing of lust

Each passion will end. The novel can add some details to the description to show some details that the actor gives the heroine after venting, and the care cannot be simply manifested in words.Prepare bath water for the heroine, put on underwear for the heroine, and so on.

6. Emotional response

After falling in love, the emotional response of the heroine is also an important part of.Here you can show the emotional changes of the heroine through emotional description. What changes in her emotions have experienced.In this way, readers can get closer to the role and feel the fluctuations of inner emotions.

Seven, character character creation

When depicting the character image of the heroine, not only should she describe her external characteristics, but also to depict from the heart.The heroine’s personality contains some important psychological characteristics, such as cleverness, confidence, etc., and these features echo the description of her underwear, which can make readers willingly immersed in the plot of the novel.

8. Scene description

Of course, the creation of scenes is very critical when the heroine wears fun underwear.Novels can choose some comfortable and expensive places to cooperate with this privacy scene, such as the Summer Palace and so on.To build a plot through the scene, it will not only help readers to understand the characters more deeply, but also add a literary atmosphere and romantic feelings.

Nine, the subtlety of words

When writing novels, monotonous style will not only reduce the quality of the novel, but also to portray the character image and settle the plot atmosphere that is difficult to produce too much highlights.Therefore, novels should try to use some exquisite vocabulary or sentences to express fresh, simple and vivid expression in expression.

10. Emotional convergence

At the end of the novel, the word "End" cannot be ends simply, but the plot should be left. Instead, it can more cause readers to think and think about the plot of the novel.There may be some suspense at the end, or it may attract readers to follow the role to continue, bringing readers a perfect psychological point.

Viewpoint: The heroine’s 1V1 high -Hwen text is a romantic and private way of love. In this literary work, through the description of the plot, the accuracy of the language, and the foil of the sceneEmotional creates a very special artistic atmosphere.

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