The fabric of sex underwear is good

What kind of cloth is good for sex underwear?

As a special underwear, sexy underwear needs to be softer and skin -friendly fabrics, and at the same time, it must have certain elasticity and breathability.Let ’s start with the characteristics of different fabrics to introduce you to the types of fabrics suitable for sex underwear.

1. Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric has the characteristics of sweat absorption, breathable, comfortable, and is not easy to generate static electricity, and it also has a good protective effect on sexual organs.However, the pure cotton texture is easy to deform, it is not easy to restore the original state, and some will shrink.

2. sticky fiber fabric

The sticky fiber fabric has a soft and smooth touch, which will bring a smoother dress.The elasticity of sticky fiber is good and is not easy to deform, but you need to pay attention to avoid excessive rubbing when washing, otherwise the phenomenon will occur.

3. Lace fabric

Lace fabrics are used frequently in sexy underwear, because it has a very good visual experience and can make the body line more beautiful.However, lace fabrics are relatively fragile, and should try to avoid contact with rough items. At the same time, you should also pay attention not to use powerful laundry solution and overheated water temperature.

4. Silk fabric

The texture of the silk fabric is smooth and shiny, and it feels excellent.It has good breathability and humidity, and can be kept dry even in high temperature and humid environments.However, the silk fabric is relatively fragile, so you need to be careful to choose a neutral rinsing solution and cold water when washing.

5. Polyester fabric

Polyester fibers have good flame retardant, abrasion resistance and anti -wrinkle resistance, but the skin of pure polyester fabric is not good, and it is easy to accumulate and static electricity.Therefore, sexy underwear generally uses blended fabrics such as polyester, cotton, sticky fiber to achieve a balance between comfort and safety.

6. Real fabric

The silk fabric is delicate and luster, which is a relatively high -grade material.Its skin -friendly performance is very good and can perfectly fit the body curve.However, the silk fabric is relatively fragile, easy to remove and wear, and choose a neutral rinsing solution and cold water when washing.

7. Elastic fabric

The elastic fabric has good elasticity and a high degree of closeness, which can show a more perfect figure.Moreover, it is more visually firm and can highlight the more graceful curve of the body.However, elastic fabrics need to pay attention to the degree of stretching. Excessive stretching can easily cause fabric deformation and affect the wearing effect.

8. Essence cotton fabric

The thickness of the concentrate cotton fabrics is uniform, soft and thick, and has good warmth.At the same time, its breathability is relatively good, which can better maintain physical health.However, the wearing of refined cotton fabrics feels thick and is not suitable for summer use.

9. Line fabric

The texture of linen fabric is soft, with knitted fabrics and dense woven fabrics.The skin intimateness and comfort of knitted fabrics are excellent, which can be used to make high -end styles of sexy underwear.The density of dense fabrics and tough feel, which is relatively suitable for making sexy underwear.

10. Simulation silk

The simulation silk belongs to the artificial fiber material, which has the texture of the real silk, but the price is relatively cheap.Its texture is smooth, skin -friendly is better, and it is easier to clean when washing.However, the simulation silk also has certain defects, that is, it is easy to break and damage.


The comfort of sexy underwear and skin -friendly performance are very important, so you must choose carefully when selecting fabrics, and try to avoid excessive rinse, overheated water temperature and excessive rinsing agent.Reasonable choices and care can not only make sexy underwear more comfortable and durable, but also bring healthier guarantees to the body.

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