The erotic underwear opens the crotch for everything

The development of sexy underwear

With the liberation of people’s concepts and the popularity of sexual culture, the market of sexy underwear has gradually flourished.Interest underwear has the effects of inspiring sexual desire and enhancement of sex, so it is favored by consumers.

The origin of open crotch sex lingerie

Open crotch erotic underwear is a specially designed sexy underwear. The crotch adopts an open design, which can increase the convenience of sexual behavior.The earliest originated in Europe and the United States, and then gradually introduced to the Asian market.

Tools for liberation sex

As one of the sexual tools of sexy underwear, the open crotch sex underwear can bring a more diverse experience to the sex life between husband and wife.Through the opening of the crotch, it is more convenient for sex skills such as oral sex and hand sex.

There are many styles

With the increase in market demand, the open crotch erotic underwear has gradually developed from the original simple style to the current various trend styles.Cup -type, conjoined, suspender type, etc., all styles of sexy underwear should be available.

Comfort is as important

The fun underwear of the open crotch design must not only consider functionality, but also the comfort when wearing.Materials, elasticity, breathability, etc. All need to be considered in order to make consumers truly feel the convenience of use.

What are the precautions for choosing open crotch and sexy underwear

1. Choose the open crotch underwear style as needed;

2. Pay attention to the size of the size, try to choose the underwear that is suitable for your body;

3. Choose the fabric material suitable for your skin;

4. For hygiene considerations, try to choose a sexy underwear that is easy to clean and disinfection.

Precautions for the use of open crotch home home service

Home clothing is a casual clothing, and comfort and convenience are the main factor for consumers to choose.But in use, there are some matters that need attention:

1. Choose styles and hue suitable for the family environment;

2. Try to avoid revealing the crotch in public;

3. Avoid cleaning with other clothing and cause difficulty in cleaning;

4. Pay attention to buyers’ evaluation and brand credibility to avoid the bad experience that products that are not high -quality.

Potential risks of open crotch sex lingerie

Due to the special design of open crotch sexy underwear, it may cause some bad experience during use.Such as poor adhesion effects and damage.Therefore, you need to understand the risks before buying, and choose more stable and reliable underwear brands and models.


The development of open crotch sex lingerie has already been told, and its role in daily life and sexual life of family has also been demonstrated.But at the same time, we need to fully understand the safety and cleaning problems brought by its special design, and choose to be more suitable for our products.In this way, you can truly feel the convenience and pornographic fun when using the open crotch sex underwear.

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