The age of sexy underwear most

The age of sexy underwear most


Interesting underwear, as a special clothing, already existed a long time ago, and modern sexy underwear began to popularize around the 1950s, and now it has become one of the fashion elements of women.So, what are the needs and considerations of women of different ages when choosing sexy underwear?Below, we will start around this issue.

20-30 years old: personality and fashion

For women of this age, they prefer fashion and personality, and sexy underwear can provide them with excellent opportunities.They will choose new styles that keep up with the trend, such as lace, embroidery and modern pattern sexy underwear.In addition, they pay more attention to comfortable and light fabrics, and the color is relatively bright.

30-40 years old: figure and taste

At this age, many women’s figures have matured and have changed a lot.Therefore, when they choose sexy underwear, they pay more attention to the shape of the clothing on the figure.In addition, quality will also be their primary consideration.For example, effective support, so that the chest will neither sagging and can effectively present sexy lines.In addition, they also pay more attention to color matching and the overall style of clothing.

40-50 years old: comfort and beauty

Although the figure and curves of many women have changed much with their age, they will find that wearing erotic underwear will also help.Comfort and beauty have also become the first considerations for them to choose sexy underwear.For women of this age, clothes should be comfortable and skin -skinned, while color and style also conform to their temperament.Due to changes in body, shaping is equally important.

50-60 years old: health and self-confidence

With age and body shape, many women choose to wear sexy underwear that can better shape curves.For women 50 to 60, health and self -confidence are also important factor.Interest underwear should be able to provide appropriate support, while not too tight, which will not affect blood circulation.In addition, color and style should also match identity and temperament.

Over 60 years old: Pay attention to practicality

At this age, many women’s physical condition is not very good.Therefore, over time, it gradually loses interest and consumer demand.However, it is not ruled out that sometimes they still have requirements for their underwear, so they are more comfortable and practical. Therefore, the elderly sexy underwear needs to be better considered in terms of material and comfort.Convenience and economy.


Women of different ages need to consider factors such as their figure curves, comfort, quality and other factors when choosing sexy underwear.Of course, different people also have different needs.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must combine your personal needs to choose a clothing that suits you.And no matter which age, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can make women more confident and beautiful.

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