That night he torn my erotic underwear

1. Foreword: 言 言 That night

That night, I met him.He looks handsome and sunshine and feels very good to me.We have been talking in the bar for a long time, and the chemical reactions between us are getting stronger and stronger.When we walked in front of my house, he kissed me.That kiss made me feel his desire, his enthusiasm, which made me very excited.

2. Passionate encounter

I took him into my house, and we immediately started to be affectionate.I opened the music and he hugged me tightly in my arms.I wore a red erotic underwear, which was very tight and almost attached to my skin.

3. His enthusiasm makes me excited

He kissed me lightly, making me feel extremely happy.I couldn’t control myself, and soon hugged him.Our emotions are getting stronger and stronger, and our hands have begun to walk upstream in each other’s body.

4. He started to dismantle my sexy underwear

He began to dismantle my erotic underwear and kissed my skin.I feel his passion, his focus, he is enjoying this process, and so of me.

5. His behavior caused my surprise

He continued to enjoy the process of dismantling my erotic underwear, but he did very slowly and was full of surprises.He kept bringing me to the limit through kissing and touching.

6. Experience the extreme enjoyment

Through his kiss and hug, I finally reached the ultimate pleasure.He was so careful and so focused, which surprised me very much.

7. He tore my interest underwear

In the end, he smashed my erotic underwear.Even if the sexy underwear is gone, our sexy and pleasure continues.This night, I was completely caught in his magic.

8. Summary

That night, he torn my erotic underwear, but he also made me feel extremely passion and pleasure.I learned to enjoy my body and began to enjoy the time with him.Interest underwear is a kind of sexy underwear, which makes our body more attractive and confident.Sexy is not a necessary condition for intimate behavior with others. It is a love and concern for your body.I will continue to love my body and treat it better. I hope that readers can also experience the beauty of life in the process of loving myself.

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