Teach me novels that wear sexy underwear

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

To wear aesthetics and sexy, you must first understand your body and temperament.People of different shapes need to choose different styles of sexy underwear, such as A -shaped, V -shaped, U -shaped, etc., while people of different temperament need to choose the color and fabric that suits them.

Correct size selection

Size selection is what you must pay attention to when wearing fun underwear.First, measure your bust and lower circumference to determine the correct size.Choosing a smaller size will cause discomfort and tightness, while too large size will affect the overall beauty.

Material and fabric of underwear

Sex underwear is usually made of lace, silk, feathers and other materials, and each fabric has different effects.The sexy underwear of lace shows the sexy and charming of women, the silk is more shiny, and the feathers even highlight the femininity and cuteness of women.

Delowing skills of temperament

If you want to show your temperament when wearing a sexy underwear, you may wish to start with the color.Different colors represent different temperament. For example, black gives people a mysterious and mature feeling, and white is more fresh and gentle.

Try to try new styles

Although everyone has their favorite sexy lingerie styles, in order to maintain freshness and interest, they still have to try new styles.If you want to highlight the curve of the chest, you can choose a thick chest, and if you want to show the waist and hip curve, you can choose the design of the waist and hip.

Underwear matching skills

If you want to wear underwear to wear a good effect, you need to pay attention to the matching of the underwear.If you want to wear a sexy underwear, you can choose a loose top or a deep V -neck design, so that the lace or lace of the sexy underwear can be slightly exposed, but you should also pay attention not to expose it.

Pay attention to the maintenance method of sexy underwear

Most of the fabric fabrics of sexy underwear are more exquisite and need to pay attention to maintenance methods.Under normal circumstances, do not use too irritating or colored washing products, it is best to use neutral detergent hand -washing.After washing, you can hang the sexy underwear in the ventilation place to avoid direct sunlight.

Sales of sex underwear matching

As an expert in sexy underwear, in addition to understanding the characteristics of each style, you must also pay attention to matching.For example, you can match the romantic and fresh sexy underwear and cute interesting stockings, or to match the sexy sexy underwear and high heels, which can better show the characteristics and selling points of the product.

Self -confidence of sexy underwear wearing

In the end, if you want to wear a sexy underwear to wear a good effect, you also need a confident mentality.Falling underwear is not only a dress, but also a mood.Only with confidence and boldness in the heart can we wear colorful temperament and amazing beauty of others.

Viewpoint: Wearing erotic underwear is not only to make you feel sexy and beautiful, but also a way to express yourself.Choosing a style and match that suits you will make life full of fun and happiness.

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