Taobao sex underwear men’s style buyer show

Taobao sex underwear men’s style buyer show

With the development of society and the changes in concepts, sexy underwear is no longer a exclusive category of women, and men have begun to focus on their sexy dress.On Taobao, you can find a variety of men’s styles of sexy underwear, but in front of many products, how to buy sexy underwear suitable for you becomes a problem that plagues buyers.In order to make male friends buy more understanding and confident, this article will analyze the purchase of sexy underwear for men’s sexy underwear.

Classification introduction

There are many types of sexy underwear in men, mainly divided into five categories: underwear, vests, T -shirts, socks and combinations.Among them, underwear can be further classified as flat trousers, briefs, T pants, etc.The vest and T -shirt are the choice of tops when men wear sexy underwear.Socks and combination are used to match other styles of sexy underwear.Read the product introduction of each product carefully to understand their functions and advantages and disadvantages, which allows you to better choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Fabric Analysis

The choice of erotic underwear fabrics is very important, affecting comfort and dressing.Generally speaking, the fabrics of sexy underwear can be divided into silk, cotton, polyester, nylon and lace.Silk feels soft and comfortable, but the price is expensive; cotton permeability is good, sweat -absorbent is good, but it is easy to wrinkle; polyester is cheap and easy to clean, but the hand feels poor;Good breathability, good visual effects, but easy to wear.Therefore, the selection should be based on personal preferences and needs during the purchase process.

color match

The color of sexy underwear is also an important factor that needs to be considered when buying.Colors can be reasonably selected according to the needs of individuals, interesting occasions, etc.Generally speaking, red represents enthusiastic, passionate, and vitality; black represents mysterious, stable, and sexy; meat and white are relatively suitable for the first attempts, which makes people feel too bold.Under the condition of explicit or implicit, color matching should pay more attention to details and taste.

size selection

The size of sexy underwear is one of the places to pay attention to.Following the body’s sexy underwear can play a better dress, but if you choose too much or too small, it will cause discomfort and tightness.When selecting the size, be sure to make a reference based on your height, weight and bust size, and determine the size that is best for you step by step.When buying on Taobao, you must pay attention to asking the merchant’s suggestions and brand size tables. Do not rashly place an order.

Word -of -mouth evaluation

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, it is recommended to check the user evaluation before buying to understand the actual situation.The evaluation of Taobao buyers is very real, which can help buyers find good erotic underwear and try to avoid buying sexy underwear with poor quality or poor wear effect.When reading the evaluation, read it several times, eliminate some of the overly subjective evaluations, and find more reasonable and objective evaluation opinions.

Brand selection

When buying sexy underwear, the brand is one of the very important considerations.Some well -known brands have provided a strong guarantee for the quality of the product and after -sales sales, which can reduce unnecessary trouble and risk, and more confident.At home and abroad, there are generally two types of high -end and civilians. They must be selected according to personal needs and economic conditions.When buying high -end brand sexy underwear, you must not be blinded by the price or the attractiveness of the brand. You must understand the actual situation of the product.

Available ratio analysis

Many sexy underwear is even more faint under dense display, and consumers often plan to buy according to the picture.But in fact, the price / performance ratio of sexy underwear does not only depend on pictures and prices.Be sure to see the details of the products on Taobao, understand the detailed information such as fabrics, craftsmanship and quality, and avoid unnecessary trouble due to the pursuit of low prices or beautiful surfaces.

Way of matching

The matching method of sexy underwear is also a major issue that needs to be considered when buying.From the red suit to the black T -shirt, it has brought a completely different visual effect and experience, making you more eye -catching.Especially in matching with women, the matching method of sexy underwear is particularly important, and it can add a lot to your situation.


The above is a detailed introduction to the details of the purchase of sexy underwear.In short, when buying sexy underwear, you must consider various factors such as fabrics, colors, sizes and other factors according to your needs and situations. Focus on brand reputation and reputation evaluation to avoid unnecessary trouble due to narrow thinking and blind pursuit.In comprehensive consideration, your choice of sexy underwear can add self -confidence and enhance your sexual experience, making you a more charming man!

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